RotoGraphs Chat – 3/11/11

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  1. Brian Joura says:

    The mobile version is up instead of the regular version. Just click on the link and you will get a box to enter questions. Thanks – Brian

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  2. eduardo says:

    What do you think of these late sleepers for saves. S. Santos d. Hernandez, c. Ray, perry, r. Webb. How do you rank them and who stands out?

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  3. JJBellomo says:

    I’m in a new Dynasty Points League. 50% of a players contract counts against my salary cap if I put them on waivers (until they are picked up by another team).

    Is it a good idea to draft some older talent knowing they will retire in a few years and leave money free for new prospects or keep all my choices young and trade players off as they start aging, to free up cap space?

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  4. J says:

    I’m having trouble viewing the chat. When I click the link the page refreshes and that is all.

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  5. Undocorkscrew says:

    I’d be shocked to see Heyward hit .270 this year, assuming he’s healthy. He hit .303 in the 2nd half last year with a bad thumb. Kid makes adjustments quickly and as well as any player I’ve ever seen in my life.

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