RotoGraphs Job Openings: Fantasy Writers

RotoGraphs is now accepting applications for fantasy baseball writers. These are paid, part-time positions that require a commitment of five posts per week. We are specifically looking for writers with knowledge of multiple fantasy formats, who are comfortable with writing strategy-based articles.

Writers may be asked to tackle specific topics as assigned, but a big part of the job is to independently develop interesting topics and ideas on a regular basis. Strong writing skills and the ability to write clean copy are important along with a familiarity of the statistics found on FanGraphs.

To apply, please send us email with your background and why you’d like to write for us. Please include anything you think will be helpful in evaluating your application such as: writing samples, links to current blogs, fantasy experience, resume, etc….

Interested writers can contact us (David Appelman and Marc Hulet) at with the heading RotoGraphs Application 2010.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

36 Responses to “RotoGraphs Job Openings: Fantasy Writers”

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  1. Bobby says:

    Damn you, now you’ve got me all pondering my life’s ambitions, and stuff.

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  2. Jacob says:

    I’ve sent my application.

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  3. Jbo says:

    Is previous writing experience mandatory? Specifically, the “have you ever had something published” variety…

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  4. Derek says:

    When is the deadline to apply?

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  5. Andrew says:

    Can you give us an idea about pay?

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  6. mnsportsguy1 says:

    Can we work for free as a trial time?

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  7. KingKirkpatrick says:

    What is the sexual harrassment policy?

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  8. Marc Hulet says:

    Writing experience is not necessary… but you’re up against some pretty stiff competition so every edge helps.

    We don’t have staff writers that work for free, but anyone is welcome to submit a free article for consideration at any time.

    The level of pay will be discussed at the next step of the application process.

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  9. Mike says:

    Just submitted my application. Any way to make sure you guys received it?


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  10. Erik Blomain says:

    Sent my application.

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  11. MDS says:

    king kirk made me laff, definite thumbs up

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  12. SF 55 for life says:

    so tempted to apply, i think i’ll wait til i finish college.

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  13. Reuben says:

    Wish I had the statistical understanding to feel like I could contribute, but I probably can’t.

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  14. JWay says:

    I applied, my lack of writing experience may not help me out, but I’m working on that either way. Thanks for the opportunities!

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  15. David and Marc,
    I sent an application through to you. Since I had a few URLs in there, would you guys mind confirming you got it?
    Much obliged.

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  16. ewanbrown says:

    I also wouldn’ mind confirmation that you recieved my email

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  17. Less than Dave says:

    I am in the process of formulating my application… is there any deadline for this? I’d like to include some fresh writing samples so I’ll need a few days…

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    • Marc Hulet says:

      You have a free few days.

      Unfortunately we cannot confirm for everyone that we’ve received their emails (due to the massive number of apps so far) but it looks like we have everyone’s above.

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      • Marc,
        Thanks for the response. I should have figured the overwhelming response would make a confirmation near impossible. Spam filters were my biggest worry.

        Thanks, again.

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  18. Erik Blomain says:

    How many are you planning on taking on? And is there a specific writing sample you’d like us to give?

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  19. Cary says:

    Submitted my application. Forgot to mention that I’m a grad student for English. Whoops.

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  20. Vince Caramela says:

    Hi David and Marc,

    I just sent off my resume and vitals. I, too, have quite a few URL’s so hopefully you both received it.

    Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

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  21. JoelQ says:

    When will you let applicants know if they’ve got the job or made it to the next step of the selection process?

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  22. Stephen says:

    Is Jeff Zimmerman the new columnist?

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  23. Joe Cassitto says:

    I know you guys cannot inform everyone if you have received their application, but I was just making sure that you guys are compatible with Microsoft Word 2007, since that is the format I used for my resume and writing sample. Let me know if that is ok, otherwise I will gladly resend my application in Word 2003 format.

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  24. JD says:

    I think it’s safe to assume that if you have not been contact by now, you are likely not fangraphs material….

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  25. Jared Norris says:

    David Appelman and Marc Hulet,

    I just sent over my email application. I can provide my resume, and/or any additional writing samples or audio files if needed. Could you please confirm that you have received my application?

    Thanks again,

    Jared Norris

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