RotoGraphs Pre-Season Content

Today we will begin to roll out our preseason content in an effort to get you ready for all of your drafts. So that we can remain short and punchy yet also comprehensive, we’ve settled on a certain approach for these next few weeks.

We’re going to dedicate our time to attacking each position one by one. This week, we will cover catchers and first basemen. Those lumbering lumber-swingers will be our focus, and once we debut the combined RotoGraphs rankings, we’ll cover risers, fallers, divers, dippers, lungers and squatters.

In other words, each RG writer will take a different slant at the two positions. Some will talk about the old guys that are sliding down the rankings, others about young guys coming up. We’ll outline some $1 sleepers and some deep league options. We’ll handicap some position battles.

This way, you’ll get many different opinions about one position at a time and we’ll still be able to get you your rankings in time.

Let’s also take this moment to welcome Erik Hahmann (of DRaysBay), Justin Merry (of Basement-Dwellers), Michael Barr (of RotoHardball) and Howard Bender (of FantasyBaseballBuzz) to the RotoGraphs team. We’re excited about this year!

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  1. jinaz says:

    Thanks Eno for the opportunity. Looking forward to it!

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