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RotoGraphs is looking for information on the types of leagues that our readers are in order to more specialize the content. Feel free to submit information on one or as many leagues you belong. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Goto the following link to answer the questions. Thanks for your time and we will publish the results soon.

Link to RotoGraphs Reader Survey

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Jeff writes for FanGraphs, The Hardball Times and Royals Review, as well as his own website, Baseball Heat Maps with his brother Darrell. In tandem with Bill Petti, he won the 2013 SABR Analytics Research Award for Contemporary Analysis. Follow him on Twitter @jeffwzimmerman.

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  1. Kirsh says:

    I don’t see an option on the survey for lwts leagues (ottoneu). Could that be worked out?

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  2. Feeding the Abscess says:

    I’m in a non-DL league (CBS). Could you place an option of “0” in the DL section?

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  3. Telo says:

    Interested to see the results

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  4. Telo says:

    Also, I was a little confused by these questions:

    How many pitcher slots are allowed on a Roster?
    How many batter slots are allowed on a Roster?

    We have 9 “live” batter slots and 7 P, but 4 bench players that can be either… so is the answer 13 and 11, since those are the max number of hitter and pitchers I could possibly have? Or is the answer just 9 and 7? I already submitted (9/7) but it may need clarifying.

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  5. Kyle says:

    yeah im in a ottoneu classic league, and most of these options dont apply

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  6. Jason says:

    How about There is a huge fantasy sports stock market industry that isn’t covered the way it should be. Plus, it’s real money.

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  7. Detroit Michael says:

    I could have used a “Don’t Know” for this question, because it’s not something I track:
    What is the highest owned % for players available on the waiver wire?

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