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Royals 2B Situation

The Royals have called up Johnny Giavotella to the MLB club. The word out of KC right now is that he will join the team and Jonathan Sanchez will be placed on the DL. Besides Giavotella, the Royals have Chris Getz, Yuniesky Betancourt (on DL) and Irving Falu that have or can play 2B. Here is a quick look at each candidate and my take on the entire situation.

Johnny Giavotella – The 24-year-old Giavotella was initially pencilled in as the starting 2B for the Royals to start the season back in Febuary. The Royals decided to keep Chris Getz and re-sign Yuniesky Betanourt, so off to AAA went Giavotella.

In 31 games at AAA this season, he has hit a triple slash line of 0.331/0.408/0.504 with 5 HRs and 1 SB. He has shown that he can hit the ball in AAA and deserves a shot to see if he can cut it in the majors. Projection systems have him at just under 10 HRs and just over 10 SBs with an ~0.275 AVG. Not great, but not horrible in deep or AL-only leagues.

Chris Getz – Chris is having a nice breakout/career season at age 28. His triple slash line of 0.288/0.338/0.424 are all career highs. His 2012 ISO (0.136) is 4 times higher than his 2011 value (0.032). The change in performance can be linked back to a change in his batting stance.

Irving Falu – Falu is no prospect and his current role on the team is to be Alcides Escobar‘s backup at SS in case Escobar is injured. If the 29-year-old has to see full time playing time, people can expect and OK AVG (~0.250) and double digit steals. There is no reason to own him unless Escobar goes to the DL.

Yuniesky Betancourt – Yuni was having an OK season for him when he finally went on the DL with an ankle injury. He was trying to play through the injury since the beginning of the season. When he went on the DL he had a triple slash line up 0.280/0.333/0.420. The OBP and SLG would be career highs if he is able to maintain them.

He started the season as the everyday 2B and backup SS. Once the ankle injury became more pronounced, Getz took over at 2B and Betancourt “rode the pine for nine”. He was placed on the DL on May 3rd so he can come off the DL after the 18th.
So what does this all mean? The situation is a cluster …. mess. Getz, a LHH, and Giavotella, a RHH, look to be in a platoon situation at 2B for the next week or so. Platoon situations are a mess for fantasy owners, especially those with weekly lineup changes. In a few days, Betancourt looks to return, so one of the Royals management’s favorite players will be back taking away playing time from the other two. I see Giavotella headed back to AAA and Getz on the bench most days. When the final answer to the Royals 2B situation is Betancourt, I would just stay away from any of the players involved.