Ryan Raburn: Second Half Stud

Yesterday the Tigers traded for light hitting outfielder in Delmon Young. That would seem fitting, considering they seemed to be full of them already. I’m going to focus on the one that will likely have the most fantasy impact going forward.

There are some players who have noticeable splits in their performance before and after the All-Star break every season. The most notable, to me at least, is Adam LaRoche. He has a .56 point jump in his OPS after the break. The gap was most noticeable in 2006, 2008 and 2009. Ryan Raburn seems to be taking a similar career path. In 587 career at bats before the break the outfielder/second basemen is hitting just .228/.287/.402 for a .689 OPS. In 710 at bats after the break? .293/.342/.486 for an .828 OPS. He hasn’t let us down this season.

It’s hard to imagine a first half going worse than Raburn’s. A .609 OPS usually gets you benched or optioned to the minors. Instead, Jim Leyland let Raburn play in 76 games. Thankfully for the Tigers, and the fantasy consumer, the All-Star break is over and Raburn is hitting like a professional again. He actually started breaking out of his first half blues a bit before the break and finished July with a .798 OPS. He’s followed that up with a hot August, hitting .310 and slugging .534 with three home runs in 19 games. The Tigers’ offense isn’t great, and hitting behind Austin Jackson isn’t going to provide him many RBI opportunities, but if Raburn is able to get on base at a decent clip he may be able to pick up a decent amount of runs scored with Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez behind him.

He is currently available in over 70 percent of Yahoo! Leagues and is eligible at second base. When looking at what’s available at the position – Justin Turner, Chris Getz, Ty Wigginton – Raburn looks especially good. Pick him up and reap the benefits.

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8 Responses to “Ryan Raburn: Second Half Stud”

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  1. kr says:

    raburn or kipnis?

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  2. CKC says:

    Raburn or Ackley? Filling in for Weeks until he comes back.

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  3. chri521 says:

    Isn’t the common Fangraphs take that ASB splits are not predictive or indicators of performance at all?

    Common sense says otherwise for hitters like LaRoche or Tex.

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  4. Bill Peper says:

    Raburn is a good fantasy play at second. In 700 PA in 2009 and 2010 combined, he hit .285 and had and 31 hr and 107 rbi, and 98 runs scored. He has upend and he will play.

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  5. steve says:

    If you guys counted his atrocious defense at “any” position you would never take him. Raburn is an 8 or 9 week hitter, the first 3 to 4 months, he sucks.

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  6. buck turgidson says:

    Yeah, were you wanking this dude’s hype chain pre-season?


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