Shin-Soo Choo Should Bounce Back

After batting exactly .300 with over 20 home runs and 20 steals in two consecutive seasons, Shin-Soo Choo’s fantasy value was at an all-time high entering last year. I was all aboard the Soo Choo train, and owned him throughout his frustrating injury plagued season. The Korean outfielder hit just .251 with eight home runs and 12 steals in 358 plate appearances. It was a disappointing season, to say the least.

The poor season was certainly unfortunate, but this may be the perfect time to take advantage of his cheap price and acquire him at a discount. A broken thumb last season seems to be the biggest reason for his struggles, along with a DUI and an oblique injury. The thumb injury would have the most correlation with the poor numbers though, as his plate discipline numbers remained consistent with past performances but his power and BABIP both dropped.

Choo’s 1.39 GB/FB ratio was his highest since becoming a regular, and his HR/FB rate of 10.4% was the lowest he had produced in any season. In addition, his .317 BABIP was by far the lowest of his career and much lower than his career rate of .353. He will play this season at age 29, so it is difficult to say the drop in power and bat skills was due to him entering a decline phase.

It looks as though Choo also was a bit unlucky, and that the low BABIP was not solely due to his injuries. His xBABIP was .340, which would make his expected line .276/.358/.397. Those are not quite the numbers we are used to from Choo, but the boost in average is nice. Factor in the injuries, and it is reasonable to expect his BABIP to climb back closer to his career rate, which should subsequently lead to his other categories to improving as well.

Choo is currently being drafted 62.5 overall, behind Desmond Jennings, Michael Bourn, and Nelson Cruz. While they are all nice players, Choo’s ability to perform well in all fantasy categories is an asset none of these players possess. Cruz has never played in more than 128 Major League games and his average is not on Choo’s level, Jennings is a year removed from a three home run season at triple-A, and Bourn will only help with steals and runs. Choo does not have the power of Cruz nor does he possess the speed of Bourn and Jennings, but he produces well in each individual category.

Injuries could certainly play a role, and some may not be willing to take the risk of getting burned by acquiring Choo again, but he looks like a solid bounce back candidate. Choo’s legitimate five category ability, including solid on base skills, should once again make him a tremendous asset for any fantasy outfield. Look to steal Choo in the early middle rounds and expect a season close to .290/18/18, which is a low end estimation if he is able to stay on the field.

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  1. Wait Til Next Year says:


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  2. Piranha says:

    Choo will bounce back. now he’s the healthiest ever in MLB. easily make .290/ 20/ 80/ 20 season again. probably career year’s coming.

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  3. supershredder says:

    He certainly could bounce back … or he could tank even further due to psychological instability resulting from his DUI and disappointing 2011 season.

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  4. dscottncc says:

    Love the article on Shin Soo Choo in sports illustrated about a year ago. All for other nationalities getting their first shot at stardom in the majors. He has set a good path for many South Koreans to come into the league.

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  5. He may be in TBSOHL, too, since he’s the only MLB guy who literally went to boot camp: “While taking basic training during the offseason with the South Korean military, the Indians outfielder was required to go on 16-mile hikes while carrying 55 pounds of weight in his backpack.”

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  6. Clutch says:

    I have been passing on McCutchen and waiting for Choo. Similar stats 4 rounds later IMO.

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  7. Ash says:

    So, this hamstring issue aside.. can we still expect a bounceback season going forward? I see that he has maintained the 1.39 GB/FB through April and his BABIP has risen to .326 as he bats .239. Line drives and walk rate are higher than his career avg. Only discernable difference I can see is that his Contact % has dropped 4%. Does the post-DUI Choo just suck at baseball?

    Thinking of offering him up for Maybin while Maybin’s stats are looking like a buy-low opp (.236 BABIP vs .326 career)… my team could use some extra speed and absorb a bit of OPS drop.

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  8. Eric says:

    Im about to dump his ass for Bryan LaHair

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  9. Steve says:

    ^don’t do it, choo is about to get hot and you’ve already missed out on what could be lahairs best little streak. Choo is proven

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