So Close, Yet Profar

Aw come on. I thought that was one of the better and more appropriate puns/play on words we could have used for Jurickson Profar, the latest rookie sensation to make a splash in the big leagues this season. Would you have preferred “Profar, So Good”? How about “Profar Away”? “A Bridge Profar”? Well how about “I Went To The Jurickson Store And They Were All Out of You”? I could probably continue this for a few more paragraphs, but all I’m really trying to do is distract you to the point where your enthusiasm for Profar’s arrival is tempered. Why? Because this isn’t going to last, people. Rein it in. As excited as you are to have Profar finally arrive, you need to relax because he is more than likely to be gone as quickly as he came.

Earlier in the season, when the Rangers signed Elvis Andrus to a long-term contract extension, the handwriting was on the wall. Profar, a natural shortstop was either going to be moved over to second base or he was going to be dangled as a tasty piece of trade bait. If he were to move over to the keystone, Ian Kinsler was either going to have to be moved over to first base or lying in a hospital bed somewhere. And given some of Kinsler’s comments about a potential switch, the hospital bed seemed like the only real option. In the meantime, Kinsler has played like an All-Star, batting .302 with seven home runs, 20 RBI, three stolen bases and a strikeout rate that even Jeff Keppinger would covet. The Keppinger of old, mind you; not this year’s Bizarro version. There was no reason to upset the apple cart.

But that hospital bed finally became a reality and Kinsler found himself on the disabled list with an intercostal strain. So the Rangers did what so many in the fantasy community had been drooling over in anticipation for and brought up Profar to fill in at second. Actually, they brought him up to share some time at second with Leury Garcia. He arrived Sunday, sat and watched Garcia play and then got the call Monday and Tuesday. Some reports have him starting the rest of the way while others indicate a time share between the two. Either way, his fantasy value stays the same right now.

But regardless of how much playing time he gets over these next two weeks, the bottom line is that, in all likelihood, he will be sent back down to Triple-A Round Rock as soon as Kinsler comes back from the disabled list. OK, maybe the Rangers will have to explore some other options should he hit .350 and pop a few home runs, but let’s take it one game at a time. Last year he hit a home run in his first at-bat. This year, he’s 1-for-5 with a pair of RBI after batting just .278 in the always hitter-friendly PCL. Yes, he had been hot as of late, but that start to the season was so bad that even after batting .326 over his last 21 games, his numbers look pedestrian at best.

The fact remains, though, that unless he does something so unbelievable that the Rangers would be total morons for sending him back down, there’s simply no room for him to stay. Kinsler and Andrus are both playing like All Stars, the team doesn’t want another bitter feud with a player over a forced position switch (remember Michael Young?), and with the way Mitch Moreland is swinging the bat right now, they don’t want to push him out of the lineup either. There’s no denying that Profar is a phenomenal prospect and is likely destined for greatness in the major leagues. That time will come soon enough, but that time is just not now.

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  1. Wuzza says:

    With Berkman not exactly a picture of health either, is it too ridiculous to suggest that they find at-bats for him somehow, even if they come at DH?

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  2. fei says:

    Why don’t they deal Andrus for the power hitting OF they desperately need? how about Andrus for Beltran or Stanton?

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    • John Stamos says:

      They made it pretty clear Andrus wouldn’t be traded when they signed him to a $120m/8year contract.

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    • David says:

      Rangers wouldnt come close to doing Andrus for Beltran, Marlins wouldnt come close to doing Stanton for Andrus…

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    • Rich Funk says:

      If the Rangers offered Olt/Profar/Martin for Stanton, would the Marlins really have the balls to turn it down?

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    • that says:

      or maybe a josh hamilton type

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    • Alexander Nevermind says:

      Yes, the Rangers should totally trade the not-yet in his prime elite defender at a premium position that was just signed to a new contract that keeps him under team control thru at least 2018 for a half-season rental of Carlos Beltran!

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    • primi timpano says:

      Trade Elvis for a power hitting OF? Like maybe Justin Upton? The Rangers have been there and they screwed that. Next year Cruz and Murphy go off the books, leaving Gentry and Martin in the OF. Meanwhile, they have Elvis, Profar, Kinsler, and Garcia available for 2 MIF positions and Sardinas not far behind. Texas will rue the day they have to trade Profar to keep Kinsler at 2B. They should already be kicking themselves for failing to trade Elvis for Upton.

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  3. Urban Shocker says:

    This is my favorite fantasy column title of all time.

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  4. dirck says:

    It seems to me that the best business decision for the would be to try to trade Kinsler first and Andrus second with Profar a very,very distant third in line to be traded .Both are much more expensive than Profar and ( probably) not too much better ballplayers than Profar now and both likely to be not as good as Profar within 2 years .

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  5. qwerty says:

    Someone just offered me Arenado for Profar in a 12-team re-draft league. I don’t have a particular need for 3B and would likely play Arenado at CI or Util, but this seems like a no-brainer given the fact that I picked up Profar two days ago and was planning to drop him when/if he’s sent back down. Am I missing something?

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  6. hoffman82 says:

    Tracking Profarma: Will youngster meet expectations?

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  7. Dan M says:

    Live long and profar

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  8. Nick says:

    Anyone else thoroughly irked by his position being “Util” in Yahoo. Why is he the only guy in the universe who can’t get his minor league position recognized? By the time he earns 2B eligibility, he’ll likely be sent down. A pox on you, Yahoo.

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  9. Ruki Motomiya says:

    How about the fact Profar probably isn’t going to be that good offensively anyway?

    Unless I am mistaken, his only really great minor league performance was back in A ball in 2011 in terms of offense. His 2012 was good, but it wasn’t phenomanl for AA and doesn’t seem like it’d translate amazingly to MLB. His AAA numbers are pedestrian despite hitting in the PCL. What makes people think Profar would be great in the MLB right now aside from prospect hype?

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    • TheGrandslamwich says:

      Lots more prospect hype!

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    • Captain Obvious says:

      He has provided better than league average offense at a premier defensive position at every level of competition he’s faced and now is ready for the big leagues as a 20 year-old. For this season, anything more than league average offense may be wishful thinking. But the hype comes from the fact that he has an advanced approach at the plate, is years away from his offensive peak, and will be registering his numbers at a defensive position that has comparitively weak offensive numbers among his cohorts.

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    • Alexander Nevermind says:

      It is almost like you aren’t considering his position or age.

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      • Ruki Motomiya says:

        I may not be considering his position, but I was considering his age: It seems more likely that somebody who is only 20 is more likely to struggle early on and have exploitable holes in their swing. Sure, you’ll get the Bryce Harper or Mike Trout at times, but when you come up at 20, odds are you don’t have a lot of experience behind your pitch recognition and generally not be big-league ready when you are 20 have played barely any AAA ball. I’m not arguing that Profar will never have value: I just don’t get why he has value right now. Keeper league? Yeah, he has value. But come on, what keeper league didn’t already have Profar owned and what keeper leaguer is going to trade him now based on the fact he is called up?

        In redraft league, his value seems low. For the future? There is value there. Hence why I said “what makes people think Profar would be good in the MLB right now” and not just asking if he would be good period. I just don’t see upside this year.

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      • Keian says:

        By all reports, his defense is great. So, if he were to get the opportunity to play SS, his glove would keep him in the lineup even if his bat is below league average. The counting stats could add up in a good offense.

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    • za says:

      You are missing the point on age. The fact is that the hitters who come up the youngest are usually the most gifted and therefore more likely to succeed. Put differently, they got called up because they were considered good enough to cut it, irrespective of age but are younger, meaning their talent allowed them to succeed more quickly – a good thing. They also have higher projected ceilings.

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      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Is he though? It doesn’t matter what his ceiling is in a redraft league; what matters is how he’ll do this year.

        And the chances of his being anything more than average offensively are pretty damn low.

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  10. TJ says:

    I picked Profar up when Kinsler went down…but this time share with Garcia seems like it’ll be a real bummer. Would Gyorko be a better option while Kinsler is on the shelf?

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    • Howard Bender says:

      most definitely. much prefer Gyorko to Profar right now and moving forward

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      • TJ says:

        most ROS projections have Profar outperforming Gyorko…seeing as I’ve never seen either play I’m pretty clueless…Kinsler is obviously superior to the two so i really only need 2 weeks’ production out of Gyorko or Profar…still debating.

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  11. Ripken says:

    I’d love to see the Tigers work something out to land Profar if the Rangers are set on keeping Andrus. Not sure exactly what they could piece together, but I know the Rangers were interested in Porcello earlier in the year.

    I like Jhonny, but it would be great to have someone like Profar in at SS

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  12. Thomas Moore Trudeau says:

    Will he become a stud? The Jurickson is still out on him, Profar.

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