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Specialists On The Waiver Wire

Since we’re over halfway through the fantasy season, most owners have a pretty good idea what categories they can make a push for points in during these next couple of months. With that in mind, here are a few players that can help you in specific categories if you give them the chance.

Jeff Keppinger: Batting Average
One of the few trade chips the Astros have at their disposal, Keppinger has hit better than the magical .300 mark this year after hitting .288 last season. Keppinger’s ability to make contact is absolutely ridiculous at the moment, as he is one of three players with at least 150 plate appearances to post a SwStr% below 2%. I don’t know if he’ll be able to hit .300 all season long, but odds are he’ll hit at least .285 for your team.

Brandon Allen: Home Runs
Recalled by the Diamondbacks on Thursday, Allen has great raw power and he plays in a park that will allow him to utilize his talents. His batting average will probably be horrific and Arizona could tire of his strikeout rate in no time at all, but his raw power could be too much for you to pass up.

Alcides Escobar: Stolen Bases
Escobar has always flashed great speed, but he’s rarely on base enough to utilize it. To Escobar’s credit, he doesn’t strike out often, so he could have some BABIP fueled romps like he did a few weeks ago and look very tempting. At the moment, Escobar is more widely available in Yahoo! leagues.

Travis Hafner: Home Runs
Hafner is still injury prone, but he’s posted his highest ISO since 2006. He may not be on the market in your league, and his lack of 1B eligibility limits his value, but he’s worth some consideration.

Nate Schierholtz: Batting Average
Despite the logjam that is the Giants outfield, Schierholtz has managed to play regularly as of late. The left-hander has hit over .290 this season, but I’d bet he’ll hit closer to .280 the rest of the way. He’s not spectacular, but he does have a little bit of pop that can prop his batting average up if times are tough. His playing time could come into question, so he’s a bit more of a deeper league option.

Chris Getz: Stolen Bases
Escobar’s teammate has been a pretty efficient base stealer in year’s past, and the Royals have been letting him run. If you need second base help and some steals, he’s your man.