Streaming For Offense: Home Runs

We all want home runs. And so it’s tough to stream for power — if they coulda hit homers, they woulda hit them allready. But we can look for the best situations for power, and look for borderline power guys for people of differently-sized leagues, and maybe we’ll help you ‘luck’ into some extra dingers for your playoff fantasy squad.

The basic philosophy is simple. Power is well-correlated with hot weather, and certain parks are more conducive to home runs. You can add in a fly-ball pitcher if you want to really want to set the scene for Elvis Andrus‘ one home run of the year.

The Rockies aren’t home this week, bummer, but at least baseball’s second-friendliest park will see some action this week. The White Sox have the Tigers and Indians in town. And it was 89 degrees today at game time, so it’s good homering weather. Shallow leaguers can take a shot at old men Paul Konerko (41% owned in Yahoo), Nick Swisher (58%, and on a bit of a power run since he told me his shoulder felt better), or maybe even Asdrubal Cabrera (68%). But deep leaguers might be able to do just as well if they add in some platoon work. Dayan Viciedo (18%) can hit for power against lefties, and Andy Dirks (3%) works against righties. Avisail Garcia (13%) is owned a bit more than Dirks, and is well-regarded in some communities, but he hits the ball on the ground a ton and might not be able to take advantage of of the situation as well as the platoon dude in Detroit. Oh and Yan Gomes (11%) has a bit of power and is eligible at catcher. Might even play against a left-hander.

If you’re looking for a one-game add, Wednesday is a day game in Cincinnati. Sounds hot. Mike Leake and Jeff Samardzija are starting, so we’ll give the edge to Cubbie streamers. Nate Schierholtz (29%) seems like a good bet. You never know what Junior Lake (18%) will do. And that’s about all she wrote, unless you want to pick up Todd Frazier (63%) or Ryan Ludwick (9%) and hope that the Shark’s splitter isn’t working.

The Rangers are hot — not like that, though Yu Darvish is sexy — since it was 91 degrees at game time on the field. And they’re home, albeit against some okay staffs in Pittsburgh and Oakland. Those staffs aren’t quite the same away from home, though, and summer in Arlington is Christmas for fantasy owners seeking power. Marlon Byrd (73%) is still there for a game or two depending on your settings, Justin Morneau (67%) too. Deep leaguers would have to hope that Garrett Jones (18%) plays, or reach further into the grab bag for the shortstop that’s playing that day — Jordy Mercer (1%) is a little bit more exciting. The home team is probably well-combed over, but David Murphy (12%) is not as bad as he’s been this year so far, provided he’s facing a righty. Mitch Moreland (18%) is a better play if he’s around, but he has the same flaw. The deep league play for the home team is Jeff Baker (1%), who’s useful against lefties. For the Athletics, Brandon Moss (62%) and his power surge may have priced him out of your league, but if not, play him against any righty. The deep league play might be Daric Barton (0%), who’s actually playing first these days with Josh Reddick out. Seth Smith (3%) is a steady eddie type play, and preferable to the glove-and-patience first baseman, should he be on your wire.

Baltimore still has three games left with the Yankees, and since it was 90 degrees at game time yesterday, it was second-hottest on their field. This makes some of the borderline Yankees a better play, but it also puts Michael Morse (33%), Nate McLouth (65%), and maybe even Brian Roberts (6%) on the board. Danny Valencia (1%) has also been getting some burn lately, so if he’s in the lineup, you could get lucky in a deep league.

Good luck hunting for homers.

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