The FanDuel Daily Grind: 3-31-14

An agenda of sorts

  1. It’s here!
  2. A friendly request regarding comments
  3. FanDuel notes for today
  4. Traditional fantasy notes for tomorrow
  5. An embedded chart of today’s games

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1. It’s Real Opening Day!

Ok. Next section.

2. Help me with your comments

One of the things I’ve been really good about in the past (if I do say so myself) is answering nearly every question posed in the comments section. I’ll continue to do my best to please. Meanwhile, you can help me by building your question in a way that minimizes the amount of time I need to analyze it. My plate is very full this year, so I might have to ignore overly complex questions. It’s nothing personal.

On a related note, I use the comments section for article fodder, so if there is a complex question you want answered, feel free to pose it anyway. If I like it, I’ll incorporate it into a future post.

3. FanDuel Notes

Post time is a bit late today for these early games. A few guys who make excellent targets include Wilson Ramos ($3,200, batting cleanup between Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper), Travis Snider ($2,600, batting second), and Chris Johnson ($3,100, batting cleanup). Mike Olt costs almost nothing (2,500, batting fifth), but Liriano is a sketchy matchup.

4. Traditional Fantasy Notes (for tomorrow)

Pitchers to start: Drew Hutchison draws the Rays after his incredible spring. I’m auto-starting him in the six of eight leagues I own him. Erasmo Ramirez worries me more, but he’s usually on the wire.

Pitchers to exploit: I think Nate Eovaldi could be an excellent reliever, but he’s a bit pressed in the rotation unless he refines his secondary offerings. Even with the stadium, the Rockies have so many mashers in the lineup.

I’m betting the Yankees can get to Scott Feldman. Remember, the Astros are expected to be bad defensively on top of everything else.

Hitters: Awaiting more data on lineup and usage trends.

5. That Chart

It may actually rain in Oakland, so it’s probably not the best day to stream Athletic Indians. Remember the below chart is color coded by park factor and expected conditions. It does not include anything about the pitcher matchup. For example, I wouldn’t bet against Cliff Lee on a little league field, so don’t go stacking Texas just because it shows green.

Some interpretations:

The Brewers have a retractable roof, so if it gets too cold it’ll close.

The Diamondbacks should have the roof open since it’s a beautiful day.

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9 Responses to “The FanDuel Daily Grind: 3-31-14”

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  1. Kris says:

    Brett Anderson @ Miami tomorrow? Or you like Hutchison better still

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  2. quinceleather says:

    I imagine there will be some players that are cheap now because they are unknown, like j Abreu. from your experience, how long do these cheap salaries remain? and from the other perspective, how long do high salaries remain high?
    nationals look cheap today and so do giants….is it “wrong” to look at the games and figure where there will be a good matchup and examine who looks cheap? I would think uggla looks cheap, as do all atlantians against yoga

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    • Brad Johnson says:

      At least with FanDuel, the salaries are set weekly and are heavily dependent on recent performance. So guys who would be a nice sneaky pick in traditional fantasy are often already priced highly.

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  3. Greg says:

    You like Grady Sizemore? He’s in the lineup today, batting 6th, and is dirt cheap (2,200)

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  4. quinceleather says:

    I hired sizemore

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  5. Sail says:

    “Don’t go stacking Texas”

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