The FanGraphs Fantasy ottoneu Experts League

Is there an elite experts dynasty league out there? One doesn’t immediately come to mind. And with ottoneu in the FanGraphs fold, it’s a perfect time to break new ground. So, in that vein, we are proud to announce the first annual FanGraphs Fantasy ottoneu Experts League. This 5×5 auction keeper will draft opening day and will surely test the wills and knowledge or our esteemed competitors.

Andy Behrens
(Yahoo – Roto Arcade)
Michael Rathburn (RotoExperts)
Jeff Erickson / Peter Schoenke (RotoWire)
Andrew Fiorentino, (RotoWire)
Tim Heaney / Nicholas Minnix (KFFL)
Andy Andres (Tufts University)
Neil FitzGerald (BaseballHQ)
Tom Keppy (BaseballHQ)
James Quintong (ESPN)
Jack Moore (RotoHardball)
Eno Sarris (FanGraphs)
Chad Young (ottoneu)

We’ll be reporting in on this league periodically, and you’ll hear from our competitors, too. Wish your hometown heroes best, and give us your best advice in the comments!

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9 Responses to “The FanGraphs Fantasy ottoneu Experts League”

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  1. bgrosnick says:

    Best of luck, guys!

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  2. Dscott says:

    Get Starlin Castro for me!!! He will eventually be a 30/30 guy. At least he better be since I bought his Jersey last year a week after he made his debut.

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  3. Chadam says:

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to read about this. Please post the results of the auction for us!

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  4. Kris says:

    If the fantasy experts choose ottoneu, it must be the best! I think we need a Kobe-style Sprite satire or a Garnett “Impossible Is Nothing!” commercial to really drive the point home.

    Eno opens Excel. Pan to Behrens. Behrens begins pouring milk down his body while the slow-mo commences. Cue Warrant Remix: “She’s my Ottoneu.” Zoom on Quintong’s smile. He’s drafting an ottoneu league. Wait, he’s drafting an otoneu league while frying bacon. Naked. In Space. Holy shit, he’s actually a Centaur. He becomes the constellation Centaurus. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. Fade to black. Star Twinkles. Scene.

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  5. Jon J. says:

    oh is there going to be a smack talking bulletin board? what about a Podcast featuring highlights (lowlights) of the draft/ auction? How about who’ll finish better bets with absurd stunts (a la The Basketball jones) as the payoffs?

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  6. William says:

    I still wish you guys stepped out of your comfort zone and played the fangraphs points system … I mean, it is named after this site, and going with points would really show who could think through the system the best. But regardless, should be a good read…

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