Third Base: July 13th

Because the rankings really haven’t changed since the last time we spoke, it’s time to take a different look at the third base position.

Omar Infante | Braves | 8% owned

He may not play everyday, but he makes the most of his time at the plate. He won’t draw you any walks, but his batting average keeps him relevant. In Yahoo leagues, Infante is eligible at 2B, 3B, SS, and OF. He is a nice plug-n-play guy if you are in daily leagues and check your roster a couple of minutes before games start. Great bench guy in most leagues due to his versatility, and hey, who doesn’t want an All-Star* on their roster?

Chipper Jones | Braves | 56% owned

In the last 30 days, Jones is batting .307 with 3 homers, 11 RBI, and even 2 steals. That’s a great way to enter the AS break for Chipper. He still has more walks than K’s this year, so he’s a stud in OBP leagues. His back flared up again on Friday, and while it’s going to be a constant issue, he played again on Saturday and Sunday. Keep your eye on him as a trade target if he keeps hitting after the break, or as a waiver pickup if he’s available.

Edwin Encarnacion | Blue Jays | 5% owned

After being DFA’d and sent to Triple-A in late June, Encarnacion has been recalled to Toronto and has performed adequately so far. Since coming back up on July 3rd, Encarnacion has hit .310 (BABIP fluke) with a homer. He has good power, and while he’s struck out in all but one game since returning, he’s a good bet to perform well the rest of the year. He’s not worth a pickup in standard leagues, but in SABR (advanced stats leagues) and deep leagues he’s worth a shot.

Ownership rates are based on Yahoo! leagues. And yes, I stole this format from Axisa.

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4 Responses to “Third Base: July 13th”

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  1. Al says:

    Any comments on the slight A-Ram rebound in a small sample? Especially for those of us approaching trade deadlines in keeper leagues.

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    • Slick says:

      Everyone please stop this ridiculous habit of naming guys with the first letter of their given name followed by an abbreviation of their surname. It’s starting to get really old and kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Is their no imagination left in our hollow domes? The Jet, Chocolate Thunder, The Russian Rocket, The Polish Cannon, etc etc. These are real nickanmes! Put on your thinking caps! Some originality please!

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      • Damien says:

        ‘The Jet’ is a clever/original nickname? For a fast person? I don’t love the ‘a-rod’ type nicknames too much but to say they are less original is begging the question. As for Mr. Ramirez, I prefer to call him Aram-Ram, and I am buying in to the resurgence.

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  2. Justin says:

    Sorry about that S-Lick

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