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As beloved editor/writer Eno Sarris continues to roll out the RotoGraphs Consensus Positional Rankings, those of us not included in the Fab Four (with the handsome mugshots) but that cover a specific position were asked to chime in with our thoughts after the rankings were released.  You can find my personal rankings either on FantasyPros or on my site, but for now, let’s just talk backstops and the consensus rankings.  Also, don’t forget that next week we will be rolling out the position tiers as we did last season.

The first thing you notice about the catcher rankings,and Eno pointed this out already, is the level of consistency you have throughout.  While there are always going to be a few exceptions —  Eno’s love for John Buck, Mike’s distaste for Geovany Soto — the picks are all fairly close in order.  That will certainly help make the tiers easier to see, but most of all, it really helps when drafting.  There are going to be much fewer surprises on draft day and it will be highly unlikely to see someone reach too high for a particular backstop.

It should be interesting to see how Joe Mauer, Buster Posey and Matt Wieters finish up this season and how the back end of the top six fall out, but in actuality, I think any one of them [top six] could end up the number one overall for the season.

I still stand by the belief that Jesus Montero should be listed as a catcher this season.  I under stand why he isn’t in some leagues, but I don’t agree.  For rankings purposes, if he qualifies as a catcher, I put him right at the back of the top 10, mixed somewhere between Miguel Montero and J.P. Arencibia.

The injury to Salvador Perez looks  like it’s going to hurt Jeff’s draft plans the most.  If you haven’t heard, Perez tore the meniscus in his knee, requires surgery, and should be out for an extended period of time.  Even before the injury though, 10th might have been a little too high for me, given his lack of pop and experience.

Pretty interesting disparity for Ryan Doumit.  I guess there’s a good case going either way for him.  On one hand, it’s tough to rank a guy that high when he’s had the health issues he’s had in his career, but if you’re assuming he’ll be DHing a lot more than catching, then his risk is a lot lower.  I guess it all depends on the condition of Mauer and how Justin Morneau reacts this year.  Personally, I’m more in line with Eno and Jeff here.

I love the lack of love for Nick Hundley this year.  It’s going to make him that much more of a sleeper.  I’ve given my thoughts on the backstop’s potential this year and it looks like RotoGraphs reader ‘hifilofi” is right there with me.  If you’re in a two catcher league, he’s going to be a fantastic late round pick up as your second guy.

I have to disagree with Jeff and Eno with respect to Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  I definitely like drafting him ahead of some of the aging veterans like Carlos Ruiz or A.J Pierzynski, guys that should be walking off into the sunset sooner rather than later.

And finally, how in the world is John Jaso’s name still showing up here?  Where are A.J. Ellis, Chris Snyder and Hank Conger?  Any of the three would be better options than Jaso.  Hell, Lou Marson would be a better option.

Catcher tiers coming out early next week!



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I’m curious about how much variation there is for some of the middle tier guys depending on how much they have to share time. Naturally, even guys like Yadier Molina will need a day off once a week. However, for less established guys like Wilson Ramos last year, that was more like two or three times a week. And that changed during the course of the season, meaning in a league that has playoffs, he was at his most valuable down the stretch. How much could guys like Mesoraco and Ellis improve their rank once (and if) they establish themselves? Conversely, how much could Arencibia’s stock plummet if D’Arnaud gets the call mid-season? And, as someone who took a gamble on keeping Ramos at a cheap price, how much of a step forward should I anticipate with steadier playing time?


I think Ramos is a great sleeper at catcher. He can be had for literally the last pick of most Yahoo drafts and his numbers are pretty decent for a catcher, with room for improvement. Very surprised he isn’t being mentioned a lot in fantasy circles.