Waiver Wire: June 11

Another summer weekend, and another couple of players for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Miguel Montero
, Arizona (45%)
If you’ve been reading these Waiver Wire pieces, you know we usually talk about players owned in fewer leagues than Montero. In fact, we’ve even started specializing in single-digit players, to the consternation of some shallow-league owners. Well, here’s a player that, though he’s owned in a fair amount of leagues, should be owned in at least twice as many leagues as he is. Montero put up 670+ plate appearances from 2008 to 2009, and in those PAs, he showed a strikeout rate right at 20%, an ISO above .180, and a strong batting average for a catcher. Put those pieces together and he’s easily a top-twelve catcher and should be owned in all mixed leagues. Now that he’s due back this weekend and is practically begging his team to activate him, it’s time to make sure he’s not on the wire in your league.

David Hernandez, Baltimore (6%)
Don’t fall over yourself to pick up the latest Oriole to accrue a save – it doesn’t seem that others are either. They might have heard that Alfredo Simon was called Shutdown Sauce and that Hernandez couldn’t overcome a nickname like that. There’s even the forgotten footnote Michael Gonzalez rattling around in that bullpen too. Here’s the thing, though. There’s a new sherriff in town – “interim” manager Juan Samuel – and he just recently reported that Gonzalez only hit the mid-80s in his rehab start. Simon’s K/9 in the minor leagues was a mediocre 7.4, so he’s not an obvious candidate for the role. Of course, he racked up those numbers as a starter, and could be expected to bump them up in a short relief role, but still. He was more of a fill-in guy than a person being groomed for the role. So finally we get to Hernandez, who racked up a save and has been pushed to the bullpen by the better prospects coming up behind him. With his gaudy strikeout rates in the minors (10.4 K/9), and his inability to translate those rates to the majors (6.02 K/9 career), Hernandez was a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. He’s certainly a fly ball pitcher in the wrong park (29.2% groundball rate career), and he’s really not showing it as a starter. Here’s thinking that he can recover that nice strikeout rate in short stints and actually step forward as the closer of the future. If Gonzalez truly is only hitting the mid-80s in his rehab, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear surgery in his future. Again.

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  1. jkruse says:

    Who is better out of Soto, Santana, and Montero in a 10 team non-keeper?

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    • Eno Sarris says:

      You know what, in a ten-team non-keeper, I’m going to stay away from a rookie that might have growing pains. To me, Montero is the best, actually.

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    • OzzieGuillen says:

      I don’t like catchers with knee injuries. Until Montero proves he can play 5+ days a week, I’d take Soto or Santana. Also, if all those guys are available, just ride the hot bat.

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  2. Byron says:

    What about Russell Martin vs. Montero? Martin hasn’t been doing anything. To think I dropped Napoli for him.

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  3. NBH says:

    How about Gaby Sanchez? With his 4-4, 2 HR night he is now on pace for a .285, 20 HR, 80 run, 80 RBI season. Not too shabby for a guy owned in 2% of ESPN’s leagues.

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  4. Mise says:

    What do you guys think, Jaso or Montero?

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    • D-Rock says:

      See above. “Iā€™m going to stay away from a rookie that might have growing pains.” You have your answer. Plus, look at the numbers, Jaso has no history of any real power.

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