Waiver Wire Watch for Week 20

Now that the trade deadline has passed for most leagues, the focus for fantasy players turns exclusively to the waiver wire for new players to add to your team. Here are five players available under certain thresholds, according to the numbers at CBS Sports, who could be assets for your team for the remainder of the season.

Under 40 Percent Owned

Leo Nunez (35%) – Most leagues are very effective at combing the waiver wire for saves but Nunez seems to have fallen through the cracks. He has four saves this month for the Marlins and has the added advantage of being a big strikeout guy. Nunez has a mid-90s fastball and an effective change-up, which has led to an 8.25 K/9 ratio this season.

Under 30 Percent Owned

Carlos Gonzalez (22%) – It may be crowded in the Rockies’ outfield, but Gonzalez has forced his way into regular playing time. In his last 15 games, Gonzalez has a .417-5-11-10-1 line. The lefty batter gets the larger half of any platoon role and Gonzalez’ ability to play anywhere in the outfield makes it easier to keep him in the lineup for Colorado.

Under 20 Percent Owned

Dustin Nippert (15%) – The later the season, the more important the counting categories become compared to the ratio ones. Nippert offers owners chances for both Ws and Ks. In his first 10 games for the Rangers, covering six starts, Nippert is 4-1 with a 7.75 K/9 mark. His fastball averages just under 93 mph and Pitch Type Values show his curve ball as a plus pitch.

Under 10 Percent Owned

Angel Pagan (8%) – He is not an impact player in any fantasy category but he can contribute in all of them. In 45 games, and 40 starts, Pagan has 9 SB. This month alone, he has 10 R scored. Pagan has even more value in leagues with daily transactions, as he has a .951 OPS with all 3 HR in his home ball park.

Is This Guy Really on the Waiver Wire?

Elvis Andrus (41%) – The soon to be 21-year-old SS is one of the top prospects in the game and he has settled in as an everyday player. In his last 10 games, Andrus is batting .371-1-3-6-3. It would be nice if he was at the top of the order but the SB potential alone is enough to make him a worthwhile add down the stretch.

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14 Responses to “Waiver Wire Watch for Week 20”

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  1. Andy S says:

    “Is This Guy Really on the Waiver Wire?”

    Yes, he’s batting .269/.332/.385 with a .331 wOBA on the season. All he’s got going for him is SBs.

    He hasn’t been that good with the bat, frankly, and fantasy doesn’t care about fielding…

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    • Brian Joura says:

      He is a MI in the top 20 overall in SB who is not going to kill your AVG and who has some pop. That’s something fantasy players should be interested in.

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      • Andy S says:

        Well, 26 XBH and a .116 ISO isn’t really much pop. I’m not saying he’s a bad pick, but I’d only go for him in deep leagues, or if I were really desperate for a MI. Or if it were a keeper league or something.

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      • Eric/OR says:

        Baseball Monster ranks Elvis #39 at MI in the traditional 5X5 categories. Not great by any stretch, but if your league is deep and/or if you really need some SBs, you certainly could do worse.

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  2. Jeremy B. says:

    I have an opportunity to add/drop Elvis Andrus for Andrew McCutchen. I need SB, but you need to get on base in order to steal.

    McCutchen’s OBP and wOBA are both lower than Elvis Andrus’ OBP and wOBA since the All Star break, which could be small sample fluctuations or an indication that Elvis Andrus is maturing at a faster rate than McCutchen.

    Hard to tell since they are both rookies. What do you think?

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  3. ecp says:

    I hadn’t noticed that Nunez had become a big strikeout guy with Florida, but you’re right. He sure never was one in the past.

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    • kris says:

      That’s what happens when your entire arsenal improves for no damn good reason. Check out his pfx, he’s approaching dirty dirty levels.

      His change-up just looks ridiculous now.

      He’s always sorta had that wirey gunslinger look and you knew the K’s were there, but he’s on a roll now.

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  4. Net-0 says:

    Would you drop the riot for him?

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  5. Joe A('s fan) says:

    I’ve been thinking about picking up Nippert in my weekly AL only league. The 1st start I can get him for is 8/27 @ NYY, which is less that ideal. But after that he has some potentially great matchups, especially with Texas in the race.

    If anyone is interested, here are his (naively) projected starts:
    8/21 @ TB
    8/27 @ NYY
    9/1 vs TOR
    9/7 @ CLE
    9/13 vs SEA
    9/19 vs LAA
    9/24 @ OAK
    9/29 @ LAA

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  6. Brian Joura says:

    Re: Andrus

    Most 12-team leagues require a MI position. So 12 2B start, 12 SS start and 12 MI start.

    Over the full season, Andrus ranks 31st among MI according to the RotoTimes Player Rater and 28th according to CBS Sports, making him a starting-quality MI. Since Andrus has 100-150 ABs less than most players who’ve been starters for the entire season, that seems okay.

    If he just continues on the pace he has so far, he’s a starter in most leagues. Given his youth and upside, he seems like an excellent waiver pickup for the stretch drive.

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  7. r0ry says:

    Borbon or Carlos Gonzalez? I’m torn. Do you think Borbon will see many ABs when Cruz returns?

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