Week Two 2-Start Pitchers

This is a weekly column that looks at projected two-start pitchers for the following week. In addition to listing all of the starters scheduled for the coveted two starts, this column will focus on five pitchers that you may be on the fence (or should be on the fence) about starting in the upcoming week.

John Maine – In his first start of the year, Maine gave up 2 HR in 5 IP. This week he has road starts in Colorado and St. Louis. In one of his final Spring Training outings, Maine allowed two homers against the Cardinals. With his average fastball velocity under 90 in his first start, put Maine on the bench this week and wait for an improved fastball before activating him.

Carl Pavano – Between 2005 and 2008, Pavano managed just nine wins in the majors and became nothing more than a punch line. But last year he notched 14 wins and both his FIP and xFIP were a full run lower than his ERA. Pavano went 7 IP and allowed just 1 ER in his 2010 debut. He has two home starts this week, including one against the Royals. Check the waiver wire and see if he is available in your league.

Ervin Santana – It was a rough debut for Santana, who allowed 4 ER in 6 IP in his home start against the Twins. This week he has two road starts, facing off against the Yankees and the Blue Jays. Santana had good velocity on his fastball but struggled with his slider, usually his out pitch. With two trips to the East Coast this week, bench Santana if you have other options.

Chris R. Young – In the last three years, Young is 11-6 with a 2.07 ERA in Petco Park and 9-14 with a 5.44 ERA in road games, making him one of the easiest decisions for fantasy players. This week he has home starts against the Braves and Diamondbacks, so make sure he is in your lineup.

Barry Zito – Last year, Zito posted a 7.22 K/9 ratio, his highest mark since 2001. In his first start this year, Zito fanned five batters in six innings. He did allow a bunch of fly balls in his first start but historically Zito has had a below-average HR/FB rate. This week he faces the Pirates and Dodgers. Most of the Pirates’ HR power comes from Garrett Jones, who has a lifetime .197 AVG versus southpaws (albeit with 7 HR and a .247 ISO). The Dodgers have hit just 2 HR so far this year. Look for Zito to continue his strong pitching this week.

Other scheduled two-start pitchers in Week 2 are listed below. Please remember that these are projected pitchers and changes can and will happen between now and next week.

Wainwright, Hamels, Peavy, Kershaw, Garza, Lester, Jurrjens, Nolasco, Dempster, Floyd, Anderson, Scherzer, W. Rodriguez, Harden, Pettitte, Cueto, Matusz, Romero, Carmona, Arroyo, Kennedy, Ducsscherer, Rowland-Smith, Marquis, Hochevar, Robertson, Davis, Ohlendorf, Guthrie, Tallet, Smith.

Check back Sunday night for an update of two-start pitchers.

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11 Responses to “Week Two 2-Start Pitchers”

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  1. Ervin Santana says:

    Brian I love your articles, but did you even watch my start? I gave up 4 runs in 6 innings sure but I pitched way better than that line shows. Bench me if you want, but you’ll regret it.

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    • Big Oil says:

      True, you kept the walks down and struck some guys out. But the HR rate worries me. Especially against the Yanks @ Yankee. What say you?

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      • Ervin Santana says:

        IMO you can’t really worry about my HR rate until you examine a larger sample size. My career HR/FB rate is 10% exactly, and that’s including last year’s flukey 13% rate when my arm felt like it was gonna fall off. The MLB average is around 11%, so my track record says I’m less gopherball-prone than most. Proof’s in the pudding though, my xFIP was in line with my sparkling ERA in 2008, and was lower than my ERA last year – meaning I got a little unlucky with homers.

        That’s not to say I’m not going to give up any homers at Yankee Stadium, against that lineup, but there’s no reason to write me off in a 2-start week when I pitched well in my opener! My ERA might be 6.00 but my xFIP was just 3.81.

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      • Big Oil says:

        Don’t screw me Ervin.

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  2. fiji.siv says:

    Just read that Chris Young is going to miss his next start. We all knew it was going to happen. I was just hoping he’d make it to the All-Star Break before breaking down this year.

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  3. JayCee says:

    Is Dontrelle Willis a 2-start pitcher?

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  4. I’m not in the two start market this week, but if I were, Mike Pelfrey would be the guy to roster in my league (where most of the above are already rostered). Pelfrey has starts at home against SD and MIL coming up next week. With his newly adopted splitter working last night against The Nats, I’d take him over other fringe starters going twice this week. SD stinks and MIL strikes out a ton. Pelf can give them both trouble.

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  5. The venerable Jamie Moyer looks good (believe it or not) at Washington and at home against SD this week too. Should get a couple of easy W’s.

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  6. My bad on Pelfrey. He won’t go 2 next week unless he’s pushed up a day somewhere. Oooops. Moyer’s my streamer pick up if I were buying. Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who picked up Padilla for two this week.

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  7. House says:

    What do we think about Romero? Do we like him against the White Sox and Angels?

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  8. Alex says:

    Hochevar? Crazy to give him another shot against Detroit?

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