Where to Draft Kris Medlen?

As our very early mock draft moved into rounds 6-10, we saw an expected run on starting pitchers. With the true aces like Justin Verlander & Clayton Kershaw well off the board, this is where you’ll see the second-tier guys coming down, the type of pitcher you don’t want to overdraft but that you also can’t really live without. Jack Moore kicked off the sixth round with Cliff Lee, and by the time the first of my two swing picks at 6.11 came up, Madison Bumgarner, CC Sabathia, Jordan Zimmermann, Adam Wainwright, & Chris Sale had gone as well. I finished off the round with Jered Weaver as my second pitcher behind Stephen Strasburg – yes, he’s a bit overrated, but it’s hard to argue consistent wins and ERA in fantasy, especially with that offense supporting him – and then with guys like Johnny Cueto, Matt Moore, & Roy Halladay still on the board, I kicked off the seventh round with a potentially high risk/reward pick: Kris Medlen.

Medlen’s story is no secret at this point, of course. After blowing out his elbow in 2010 and missing nearly all of 2011 thanks to the ensuing Tommy John surgery, Medlen spent the first few months of 2012 in the Atlanta bullpen before moving into the rotation on July 31 and making a dozen late-season starts. By the time the season had ended, Medlen had become the darling of Braves fans, allowing only nine earned runs to go along with an absurd 84/10 K/BB split in the 12 starts – all Atlanta victories.

Twelve starts from a recovering pitcher without much of a track record isn’t really that much of a sample size, and so usually that comes with a fair amount of skepticism, but Medlen was so dominant that it demands attention. (Just for fun, if he’d been able to keep up that dozen-start pace for a full season of 32 starts, his K/BB would be 223/26 and we’d be wondering if it was enough to merely give him the Cy Young Award or if it should be renamed after him). It’s that kind of performance that made me take somewhat of a risk and grab him over potentially more sure things like Cueto, who finished fourth in the NL Cy Young, and Moore, who finished in the top ten in strikeouts in the American League and should only improve.

Obviously, is isn’t fair to expect Medlen to keep pitching like an inner-circle Hall of Famer for an entire season, and he won’t. Even so, you can ding Medlen for regression and it would still leave him as a fantastic fantasy option in 2013, because of how many different things he did right. Sure, he struck out a ton of hitters, but by pairing that with excellent control (just a 3.2% BB rate as a starter), plenty of groundballs (54.7% as starter), and avoidance of the big hit (0.54/9 homer rate) Medlen hit all the checkmarks of “things you want a pitcher to be”. All of that comes in no small part thanks to his changeup, which ranked as one of the more effective pitches in the game.

Besides, it’s not like Medlen’s strikeout ability and control came from completely out of nowhere. In 240.1 minor-league innings dating back to 2006, he had an excellent 275/57 K/BB mark, and in 60 games over two seasons with Atlanta before his injury, he struck out three times as many as he’d walked. If anything, I’m beginning to believe less that Medlen’s great performance to end 2012 makes him overrated and more that he was just underrated previously, which happens more than you’d think to pitchers who are less than six feet tall.

So sure, Medlen’s almost certainly not going to pitch like he did down the stretch last year, simply because no one could, and perhaps it’s a stretch to put so much faith in 12 starts. I might regret this choice at the end of the year, but for now, I don’t really wish I had taken Moore, Cueto, or anyone else available.

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Mike Petriello lives in New York and writes about the Dodgers daily at Dodgers Digest, as well as contributing to ESPN Insider. He wrote two chapters in the 2014 Hardball Times Annual as well as building The Hardball Times site, and is an editorial producer at Sports on Earth. Find him at @mike_petriello.

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  1. Steve says:

    Time to be “That Guy”

    Shields, Wainwright, or Medlen for next year?

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    • Chris says:

      1. Medlen
      2. Wainwright
      3. Shields

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      • Paul Sporer says:

        Waino, Shields, Medlen.

        I’ve been driving the Medlen bandwagon for 2 years. But it’s 12 starts, folks.

        Medlen over Halladay? Wow, puttin it out there Mike! I’m all for “get your guy” in straight drafts, though, and he was your guy. I’ve taken Allen Craig in the third rd of three drafts and second of a 15-team NFBC style one since November so I’m no stranger to going for it with a guy. That’s A LOT of faith in Meds over Roy and Cueto, though.

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  2. NL ONLY says:

    You could have had Strasburg and Halladay. Unreal. Do not make that mistake again!

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  3. Brian says:

    I don’t think enough attention is paid to the teams Medlen dominated in his 12 starts. He didn’t face a single team that was fighting for a playoff spot. 10 games were against crappy teams that were already eliminated when he played them (Mets, Padres, Rockies, Astros, Marlins), and the other two were against the Nationals who had already locked up the division (these starts are very impressive, actually). He also pitched half of his games against expanded rosters. Just something to think about.

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  4. MrKnowNothing says:

    “Just for fun, if he’d been able to keep up that dozen-start pace for a full season of 32 starts, his K/BB would be 223/26 and we’d be wondering if it was enough to merely give him the Cy Young Award or if it should be renamed after him.”

    Cliff Lee, last year: 207 K, 28 BB.

    Rename it!

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  5. Scott says:

    Don’t understand the Halladay love. Too many miles and last years injury has me staying far away. Especially that early in the draft.

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    • Paul Sporer says:

      I think the love is pretty straightforward: buying into one of the best track records ever. No one was saying too many miles this time last year so an injury in 2012 doesn’t all of a sudden make it so. Frankly, I don’t understand how so many are so down. He’s no certainty to rebound, but if there was ever a veteran to bet on.

      Bet on 12 starts of studliness or bet on one of the three best pitchers (and the hardest worker) in the game the last decade bouncing back from an injury-shortened 2012? Easy pick if you’re playing the odds for the most return.

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    • philosofool says:

      In how many seasons did people say this about Randy Johnson? The risk is real, of course, but the reward is substantial as well.

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    • Express says:

      Thanks for the heads up iqouxang, but since I live in my mother’s basement, your designer knock-offs won’t win me any dates. It is kind of damp down there, though, so I suppose I could use the $20 “lacoste” T-shirt to wipe up the moisture.

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      • pubscout says:

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  7. Jack says:

    you have to expect some serious regression in 2013 for Medlen:
    .262 BABIP v. .294 xBABIP
    81.3% LOB & 6.7% HR/FB

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  8. vilhelm says:

    whether to take a guy clearly on the downside or a guy who’s best pitch is a changeup …

    would take Cueto … solid ace track record, expected in prime upswing

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  9. jkadoch says:



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