2014 MAZZONE Projections Available!


“I guarantee you that if Mad Dog was pitching today,” Leo Mazzone, Maddux’s vaunted former pitching coach with the Atlanta Braves told USA TODAY Sports, “he would never give up a run all year.”

In addition to our Steamer and Oliver projections, we’ve now added projections based on the MAZZONE system to our player pages. Though these numbers, which are entirely based on the off-the-cuff opinions of former pitching coach Leo Mazzone, have been criticized by analysts on several counts — notably, for being weighted toward retired Atlanta Braves players, and for being insane — we’re including them on our site as an important resource for fantasy owners, especially those who have abandoned all faith in the scientific method.


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19 Responses to “2014 MAZZONE Projections Available!”

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  1. Grant Balfour says:

    Looks like Otis @#%#$ing Nixon was the one filling this in.

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  2. keegs says:

    that little doodle actually kinda resembles a dog but i’m gonna pretend that it’s a human brain that Leo scribbled because greg is smart

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  3. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Andrelton Simmons: Errors: -1.9 x 10 to the eleventh power.

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  4. BRAVESFAN says:

    Leo should go in the hall of fame.

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  5. Jeff Reese says:

    What? No projections for the Crime Dog? or David Justice? or Tommy Glavine? Come on, MAZZONE!

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  6. harpago17 says:

    Growing up a Braves fan, I always thought Mazzone was really smart. Then he started doing morning radio in Atlanta…I now know that coaches have very, very little impact on player’s success.

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    • Jervass says:

      Mazzone was painful…PAINFUL…to listen to on that show. And I like(d) him.

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    • Stroker Ace says:

      He is awful during the morning drive. Enjoying the offseason without his pro-Notre Dame, anti-Orioles, shoving his nose up Schuerholz’ butt drivel, but fearing his return once the spring comes around.

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    • JEdward says:

      So much this. As a Braves fan, I greatly appreciate whatever it is he did (or didn’t) do for the team. But man, he was awful radio. On top of providing almost no valuable insight and generally having a neaderthalic attitude towards anything “modern” or “smart,” he also could always be heard in the background breathing super heavy. Used to drive me crazy.

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  7. Alex Trabek says says:

    Eleventy Billion??? That’s not even a number!

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  8. Four Eyed Jackson says:

    This piece was clearly meant to be ridiculous, and it overachieves in that respect.

    But Mississippi Matt, why do you feel compelled to put out crap like this as entertainment? Is there a quota you have to meet to stay on this site?

    This piece blows, friend. You gotta know better.

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  9. Dwayne Carter says:

    LOL! Eleventy billion isn’t even a number? Eleventy billion = all your numbers.

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  10. Eliot says:

    Have to disagree with all the people who think Mazzone is awful on the radio. Everything he says is wrong or insane, but he is so hyperbolic and idiotic that he makes for absolutely amazing radio. I never listen to the morning drive, but on the pre-game show, his unique brand of absurdity makes for great listening. Also, I wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility that he’s trolling.

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