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Holiday Gift Idea: Left Field Cards

My previous holiday gift idea, posted on this very same internet yesterday, was sort of tongue-in-cheek — though I would be pretty damn stoked to meet, greet, and inevitably imbibe into oblivion with Wade Boggs.

This baseballing gift idea is perhaps more versatile and easier of which to make use. It’s Amelie Mancini’s Left Field Cards. NotGraphs’ resident (though AWOL?) expert on art, cats, baseball art, and cat art Summer Anne Burton featured Left Field Cards in a post back in April (and any of the art featured therein would make a fantastic gift, too, if you could lay your hands on any of it), but I thought it was worth mentioning again because the items are so very artistic, not to mention affordable.

I mean seriously, look at this shit:

If you are a baseball fan and don’t feel immodest amounts of covetousness towards these items, then, well, you are a lame-o, friend.

From iconic moustaches to bizarre injuries to puns on great names, this relatively small stock has something that should bring joy to any fan of the game. The bright colors and hand-printed simplicity are just perfect, IMHO.

There’s even a Gary Carter charity print: if you buy one, the profits go to the National Brain Tumor Society. I seriously cried when I saw that — thinking about Gary Carter, his generosity and joy, how that joy and generosity has extended to this young woman, who probably never met or talked to Gary Carter but was nevertheless moved by his legacy to make these prints and sell them and give the money from their sales to charity.

Just look at the care put into it’s presentation:

The well-chosen objects, all knolled thoughtfully, the soft light … boy oh boy. I can’t even imagine if someone gave me one of these.

You just know that these objects are made with love. Now go give them with love.

(Also, don’t forget about Tom Clark’s Baseball, which I reviewed back in January. At $9, it’s a steal!)