40 Baseball Things Cheaper Than Facebook Stock

FB shares are going for around $40. I’d rather spend my money on any of this.

  • Baltimore Sun archive photo of Frank Zupo. $32.49, Ebay.
  • 1991 Minnesota Twins collectible mug $30, Etsy.
  • Large Clemente memorial print by Brian Lindstrom $35, Society 6.
  • Three Eephus League scorebooks $38, Eephus League.
  • A baseball autographed by Colby Rasmus $35, Ebay.
  • 726 1981 Topps cards $39.99, Ebay.
  • Baseball 2 Medium-Sized Art Print by David Istvan $32, Society 6.
  • 1908 “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” Sheet Music $39.99, Ebay.
  • Vintage Cincinnati Reds pennant $34, Ebay.
  • “Sexy” baseball player costume $38.96, Ebay.
  • 1969 Vintage Seattle Pilots Pennant $40, Ebay.
  • Signed Lyle Overbay bobblehead $30.99, Ebay.
  • Marvel Triple A Baseball Heroes with the Hulk! $39.95, Ebay.
  • Handmade Federal League baseball $39.95, Etsy.
  • This original watercolor painting of Randy Johnson’s rookie card $40, Etsy.
  • Dirty vintage baseball uniform $40, Etsy.
  • This totally insane baseball button down $38, Etsy.
  • Sears Ted Williams 6-quart beverage cooler $35.99, Etsy.
  • Betty Boop baseball figurine $35, Etsy.
  • Vintage Japanest bobble head $30, Ebay.
  • Occidental Home Run King belt buckle $34.99, Ebay.
  • Garfield baseball men’s tie $34.95, Ebay.
  • Hand-knit Phillie Phanatic $32, Etsy
  • Authentic baseball cufflinks $40, Etsy.
  • 1970 press photo of Bill Cosby and his son playing baseball :( $33.88, Ebay.
  • This hand-drawn portrait of Kevin Youkilis $40, Etsy.
  • This super-cool vintage catcher brooch $40, Etsy.
  • This vintage Indians button-down $40, Etsy.
  • Personalized sterling silver baseball necklace $40, Etsy.
  • Vintage baseball wallpaper tissue box $35, Etsy.
  • Vintage baseball hankie $40, Etsy.
  • “Peanuts” baseball pillow $40, Etsy.
  • Signed copy of Joe Garagiola’s “Baseball Is A Funny Game” $35, Etsy.
  • Handmade pillbox cap $35, Etsy.
  • 1957 “Pennant Race” game $35, Etsy.
  • 1982 Seattle Mariners Ford Mustang diecast car $33.79, Etsy.
  • 1965 Baseball Dope Book $30, Etsy.
  • Baseball bat holder for your bike $39.95, Ebay.
  • Baseball glove and ball pinata $35, Etsy
  • Washington Nationals woodchuck original painting $35, Etsy.

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    Summer Anne Burton is a writer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She is drawing pictures of Every Hall of Famer.

    13 Responses to “40 Baseball Things Cheaper Than Facebook Stock”

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    1. Oliver says:

      40 tickets to a Twins or As game.

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    2. malicevoyager says:

      Too bad none of those have much potential to make you money – spend 40 bucks on facebook stock, next year sell it for triple and use that money to watch some sweet baseball games!

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      • You say that, but that woodchuck painter might die and send those paintings through the roof.

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        • The Rajah says:

          That woodchuck is pretty sweet. Besides, Facebook will make money early on then become a dog within a few months. Don’t hold on to it too long or you’ll be left holding the bag.

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          • Oliver says:

            Yeah, the woodchuck painting is probably a better long-term investment strategy. At least it doesn’t have a P/E ratio of 100/1. Rofl.

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    3. deadhead says:

      The intrinsic value of that woodchuck beats any extrinsic value the stock would accrue. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that image on some individual pieces of blotter paper in your local underground marketplace soon.

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    4. nu billy baroooo?! says:

      you spend a hella long time on etsy…

      btw whats a DOPE book?

      sounds better than facebook…

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    5. Cocktailsfor2 says:

      Your “Pennant Race Game” link goes back to the pillbox hat page. FYI

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    6. Cocktailsfor2 says:

      …and the “pinata” link goes to the Etsy “search baseball” page.

      So, that ended up helping save me a few clicks. Thanks!

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      • Thanks for the info — I fixed the pennant race link. Looks like the pinata has been removed, so oh well… That’s just the short-lived nature of posts like this one. Yay for it being a blog and not a book.

        Oh, and sorry you felt like the post was just an etsy search for baseball. Obviously, I did find many things that way. I also used ebay and amazon and individual’s stores, and spent about two-three hours searching through the price range for interesting stuff to share with y’all as a nod to the whole Facespace news. Really, no need to snark at me about it! THANKS!

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    7. yaboynate says:

      Well, this answers the question posed in article.

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    8. JimDMan3 says:

      I bet the Hulk could put up some pretty sick numbers.

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