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A Call For Civility

This picture, which I cannot source because I cannot find where it came from, and google image search cannot find it for me, speaks to me on many different levels:


1) There are not one but two advertisements for underwear in the background. Underwear! Always a winner.

2) Everyone’s rocking the high socks. All the way down the line.

3) Haberdashery.

4) Gotta be New York, right. And yet it’s baby New York.

5) That billboard on the right. It looks like it reads: “Base Ball Players are all human and therefore … If you want a winning team root for them … they are your friends and while we are here let … so that the ladies may find it pleasant.” Fairly sure that’s a call for civility among the fans, because the players are all human and the ladies want a pleasant game.

Oh, the past, you crack me up.