A Capable Neologism, Courtesy Major League Baseball

The author has often stated — at cocktail parties, at area bars after those same cocktail parties — that neologism is his favorite sort of gism.

Thus it was with no little pleasure that the author found, in the midst of his Twitter feed this morning, the above-embedded message, courtesy Major League Baseball itself.

A brief inspection of the web — noted for being worldwide in its dimensions — reveals that neither explode-tackle nor any of its variants (explode-tackling, will have explode-tackled, etc.) is in anything like common use.

What it (i.e. the WWW) does reveal is that Juan Samuel has ordered a Code Red to be performed in and around and on the head part of Hunter Pence.

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5 Responses to “A Capable Neologism, Courtesy Major League Baseball”

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  1. Resolution says:

    It’s a neologasm!!

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    • Well-Beered Englishman says:

      In this context, neologism takes on additional meaning as well.

      As in, “Oh, dear, Carson got neologism all over his compact OED.”

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  2. Tim says:

    My favorite baseball-related neologism is “jeteronormative.”

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  3. MikeS says:

    Odd. I remember an episode a dew years ago where a runner (maybe for Texas) made minimal contact with his third base coach on a play where he would have scored easily, but was called out because of the contact. It was the last out of the game and allowed (maybe) Minnesota to win.

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  4. UncleCharlieVT says:

    Intentional contact is illegal. This, apparently is not. I think we should call. It “getting Penced.”

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