A Field Guide to the Beards of Boston

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4 Responses to “A Field Guide to the Beards of Boston”

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  1. Resolution says:

    If only you didn’t cheat by comparing a picture of Clay Buchholz with a second picture of Clay Buchholz, this would have been excellent.

    That being said, this was excellent.

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  2. Antonio Bananas says:

    Beards aren’t cool anymore. Hipsters ruined them years ago. The Red Sox looked more likely to drink coffee, wear skinny jeans, and criticize your musical taste than do anything manly. Bleh, sick of the beard shit.

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    • triple-A city says:

      The thing about coolness of beards is, they give not one fuck about things. Beards aren’t worried about hipsters, or coolness itself. Beards still cut down trees and fight bears and raise children.

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  3. FamousAmazingGuy says:

    Man of the Year 2013…….. and the winner is…….. Mississippi Matt Smith!

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