A GIF and a Tune: Jose Fernandez and Talking Heads

(Note: This is technically not a GIF, since it’s length prohibits it from GIFation. Please accept my repentance for duping you.)

This past Friday, Marlins starter Jose Fernandez had himself a day. A good day, to be more exact. A very good day, to be even more exact. He fanned 14 over eight innings whilst allowing three hits and a lone walk. He was, as Talking Heads would say, burning down the house. Luckily, said house was Marlins Park, so casualties were low.

Watch (and listen):

(h/t to Jonah Keri for pointing me to the link)

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5 Responses to “A GIF and a Tune: Jose Fernandez and Talking Heads”

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  1. MikeS says:

    With all the swinging strikes, I would have gone with “Same as it ever was.”

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  2. The Ted, Section 437 says:

    The man is a Psycho Killer with The Great Curve. Stay Hungry, Marlins fans.

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  3. Thufir says:

    Swinging strikes galore….

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  4. Mike Green says:

    The Great Curve has a lot of merit to it. Crosseyed and Painless might also have been a good choice.

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