A GIF and a Tune: Mike Trout is the America We Deserve

This hot footage was captured not on America’s actual birthday, but Mike Trout doesn’t need the excuse of an anniversary to show that he does, indeed, love America. As if you didn’t know that already.




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9 Responses to “A GIF and a Tune: Mike Trout is the America We Deserve”

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  1. Casper says:

    It’s happened at last. Not-flipping the bat is the coolest bat-flip of all.

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  2. John Elway says:

    Beautiful. Too chosked up for words. Proud to be a American

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  3. Table says:

    Best enjoyed with the accompaniment of fireworks

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  4. ettin says:

    You can add his ACTUAL 4th of July Walk-Off Home Run to this fine article! Trout Bless America!

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  5. rustydude says:

    The MLB.com footage of last nights walk off HR is pretty funny. Just a bullet. And who knows why Houston’s pitching coach isn’t telling his pitchers to avoid low, over the plate pitches to Trout.

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  6. Jeff Samardzija says:

    You mean this guys is in my division now?

    I’d almost rather stay a Cub. Almost.

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  7. DavidJ says:

    I was really really hoping for that to be a gif of Trout robbing himself of a home run.

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