A GIF and a Tune: Sonny Gray and ODB

A’s pitcher Sonny Gray was four years old when The Wu-Tang Clan released their debut album, so I’m not sure if Gray is privy to the philosophy of the 36 Chambers or not. Be that as it may, it certainly seems he’s channeling ODB (a.k.a. Dirty, a.k.a. Dirt McGirt, a.k.a. Big Baby Jesus) — may he rest in peace. Proof:

1. Gray himself does a fairly impressive shimmy off the mound to field the ball.
2. As Gray fields this ball barehanded, he hints at the notion that he “likes it raw.”

The results speak for themselves.  I will give Gray the mic so he can take it away.




This has been a GIF and a Tune.

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  1. I like how he rains on some college ass directly after throwing to first.

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  2. jcxy says:

    When Shimmy Shimmy Ya came out, I thought he was announcing his preference for raw sex, that is, sex sans condom. Only posthumously did it make sense that he was declaring his taste for uncut cocaine.

    Wu tang is for the children! RIP

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  3. Lord BatCat says:

    I would like to address an egregious error on the author’s part. This particular Ol’ Dirty track is actually from ODB’s first solo album _Return to the 36 Chambers_ and not the Clan’s group debut.
    And as for jcxy’s comment above, I believe that the ontological flexibility in HipHop allows that ODB liking it raw can refer to no Jimmy Hat-wearin sex AND cocaine that is indeed straight from the source and not mussed about by baby powder.
    Thank you, that is all.

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    • jcxy says:

      Indeed, my earlier comment reads like I’m presenting it as false dichotomy, which was not my intention. I was remarking on my own awareness of the two meanings.

      No argument from me–it seems likely that ODB not only enjoyed BOTH helmetless sex and uncut cocaine but the ambiguousness afforded by “raw”.

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