A.J. Griffin’s Curveball of Perpetual Succour

At no point during his life is the present author more content than when divesting a local pub of its principal commodity and slapping briskly the backs of bosom friends* deep into the night. As the sort of person who has tended rather towards the itinerant side of things, however — and one who also works from home — the author finds himself reveling arm-in-arm with likeminded companions less often than he would prefer.

*A different enterprise altogether, this, than slapping the bosoms of one’s back friends. That sort of thing is looked upon dimly, it would seem.

All is not darkness and brooding, however. By means of the present weblog, that same author is often able to facilitate impromptu celebrations of human potential, which everyone agrees is the best sort of celebration going these days not including the words bunga or bunga.

Of late, concerned reader Michael Spitznagel has suggested that perhaps it would be good and very good were the author to consider the virtues, once again, of Oakland right-hander A.J. Griffin‘s curveball.

By way of slow-motion footage from Griffin’s most recent start against Tampa Bay (box) — of a curveball to strike out Matt Joyce — the author has consented. As an added service to the Public, that same author has placed the rather large animated GIF file of Griffin’s curve below the fold.

To wit:

Griffin Joyce Very Slow

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AC of DC
AC of DC

As an American possibly soon to be pressing the stones and earth of urban France, you might do well to be aware that such individuals as will be near enough to you that your hand might trouble back or bosom or both do quite frown upon the British and their unnecessary u’s.