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A Knucklemix for R.A.

Hey, cheer up, R.A. Dickey! Sure, you crashed back to earth on Sunday night*. But not before you went off on a HISTORIC RUN OF DOMINANCE!** Brush off those pesky Yanks — it’ll turn around for you soon. And listen, so long as you’re just sitting around waiting for your “violent, weird, fickle” mistress, you should totally check out this mix I put together for you.


2. Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles – “Part of My Life.” (“F*** that, I’ma five borough thorough MC / Where I go, New York goes, keepin New York flows.”)

3. Chris Clark – “Night Knuckles.” (Chris Clark: “talentueux et déterminé.” Remind you of anyone?)

4. OK Go – “White Knuckles.” (“Maybe it’s not so bad / So let your hair down now!”)

5. House vs. Hurricane – “Blood Knuckles.” (“Rise and shine / To a new day / Overlooking the peril of power on the streets / But the pain won’t be constant / No, the pain won’t last.”)

6. Blake – “What I Like (Knuckles Insomniac Remix).” (This video was shot in the Paris Metro, and thus is a fitting accompaniment to the Subway Series.)

7. Alter Bridge – “White Knuckles.” (“Are you still lost tonight? / Living but dead inside / This is a proclamation / This is a call to rise.”)

8. Frankie Knuckles – “Your Love.” (“Without your love, I can’t survive.”)

9. Jamiroquai – “White Knuckle Ride.” (“It’s not so easy to control / Pressure.”)

Enjoy, R.A.! Keep it real! RESPEK KNUCKLES!

** Reportedly making no more than a quarter-turn to a half-turn on your descent.

* How historic? If you Google “HISTORIC RUN OF DOMINANCE,” you are the first result.