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A Legitimately Great Day in the Genre of Sportswriting

Posted By Carson Cistulli On December 31, 2010 @ 9:14 am In News About News | 1 Comment

Not all, but certainly many, NotGraph posts begin within the tangled gnarl that is this author’s Google Reader account. It’s from the links and posts I find here that I’m able to shamelessly re-package and/or lightly mock the hard work of others.

Whether owing to my own personal shortcomings in constructing the Ideal Feed — either that, or merely to the nature of Really Simple Syndication* — there’s typically a lot of noise relative to signal: duplicate posts, hysterical name-calling, and about a half-dozen reports of pitbull maulings from Chicago’s 670 The Score

*Really Simple Syndication is neither really simple, nor syndication: discuss.

“Typically,” I say. For whatever reason, however, this morning has revealed what I feel comfortable calling a “panoply” of accomplished writing — upon which panoply I’ve commented in the list below.

Please note, my bespectacled reader, that this is more than a mere compilation of links. This is a vessel to the future of the genre.

Title: A 2010 Phillies Review While My Family Plays “Settlers of Catan”
Author: Justin Klugh
Site: That Ball’s Outta Here
Comment: Is it sportswriting? A script written by Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel? NO ONE FIRGGING KNOWS!!!

Title: All Your Dumb Trade Ideas Are Belong To Us
Author: Dennis
Site: Pitchers Hit Eighth
Comment: I’m not tired of this pop culture reference, is what.

Title: Best Rockies Commercial of All-Time — The Results
Author: Logan Burdine
Site: Rox Pile
Comment: Hope you don’t need your A, because you’re about to L it O!

Title: Today In Quotes I Find Kind Of Interesting
Author: The Constantly Hilarious Jeff Sullivan
Site: Lookout Landing
Comment: I’ve met and touched Jeff Sullivan. He’s eveything you think he is. And more.

Title: Baseball Bloggers Alliance support Alomar, Blyleven for Hall of Fame
Author: Ryne Gery
Site: Redbird Rants
Comment: Read this under the impression that the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is a pretend thing.

Title: I Need to Put This in and Around my Mouth
Author: Tyler Maas
Site: Bugs & Cranks
Comment: Hey, here’s something inappropriate: “I haven’t seen this much meat shoved between two white buns since I mistakenly Googled ‘Aurora Snow’ before a trip to Illinois last February.”

Title: I met Adam Kennedy at Rembrandts Bar last night in Fullerton. Really cool guy.
Author: chairmanofthebar
Site: Halos Heaven
Comment: This is the exact right use of a baseball blog: to tell everyone how you met Adam Kennedy at a bar just hours after meeting Adam Kennedy at a bar.

Title: Gaslamp Ball Dream Diary
Author: jbox
Site: Gaslamp Ball
Comment: In which the author meets Trevor Hoffman while shopping at J.C. Penny — either in or not in 1998.

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