A List of Fan Stereotypes Provided by Google Correlate

A List of Fan Stereotypes Provided by Google Correlate, Sorted by City

Atlanta Braves “driving range,” “crawdads,” and “grass killer”
Anaheim Angels ” “discount motorycycle tires,” “adams tight lies,” and “mesh slippers”
Arizona Diambondbacks “grass,” “slowpitch softball,” and “newborn kittens”
Baltimore Orioles “trout,” “deck plans,” and “screened porch”
Boston Red Sox “love that dirty water,” “red socks,” and “1986″
Chicago Cubs “motorcycle helmets,” “frame sliders,” and “fender eliminator”
Chicago White Sox “Comiskey,” “Brad Ausmus,” and “stay the movie”
Cincinnati Reds “fishing report,” “the lawn,” and “soft top”
Cleveland Indians “chief wahoo,” “nippersink,” and “Kenny Lofton”
Colorado Rockies “Jeff Francis,” “malibu castle,” and “dumbledore is gay”
Detroit Tigers “Jim Leyland,” “old english d,” and “Rafael Belliard”
Houston Astros “Brad Ausmus,” “cherry hill farm,” and “Phil Garner”
Kansas City Royals “gazebo,” “sunbrella,” and “shade”
Los Angeles Dodgers “mountain bike,” “zion national,” and “pond liner”
Miami Marlins “crew love,” “immaculate misconception,” “drake ft rihanna”
Milwaukee Brewers “build a deck,” “install pavers,” and “ants”
Minnesota Twins “Ron Gardenhire,” “ny fishing,” and “red top mountain state park”
New York Mets “nike golf,” “wedding hair,” and “tour edge”
New York Yankees “mlb salaries,” “1996,” and “mbl”
Oakland Athletics “2nd swing,” “utility trailer,” and “bicycle club”
Philadelphia Phillies “phanatic,” “1993,” and “wives”
Pittsburgh Pirates “thule bike rack,” “dolphin cruise,” and “fudpuckers”
San Diego Padres “ponds,” “maryland fishing” and “rainbow sandals”
San Francisco Giants “lincecum weed,” “kruk and kuip,” and “fear the beard”
Seattle Mariners “snapper,” “erie seawolves,” and “burlington bees”
St. Louis Cardinals “did the cardinals win,” “fredbird,” and “morphsuit”
Tampa Bay Rays “Evan Longoria contract,” “jessica rabbit dress up,” and “fergs”
Texas Rangers “baseball necklace,” “where do the Rangers play,” and “Ian Kinsler”
Toronto Blue Jays “trolling motor,” “nests,” and “bridal shower gifts”
Washington Nationals “victory hammer,” “2005 honda shadow,” and “eyelet skirt”

Thanks to Jesse Wolfersberger for the heads up on Google Correlate.

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Graphs: Baseball, Roto, Beer, brats (OK, no graphs for that...yet), repeat. Follow him on Twitter @enosarris.

12 Responses to “A List of Fan Stereotypes Provided by Google Correlate”

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  1. Bryan Grosnick says:

    Having been to Zion National I: 1) support anything having to do with that park and 2) have no idea how it relates to the Dodgers.

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  2. dp says:

    Given the middle-class Georgian predilection for golf and complaining about yard work, the Braves correlation is perfect.

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  3. davisnc says:

    I thought Loria was the bad guy, but the commonness of the “Drake ft. Rihanna” search suggests that maybe Marlins fans are getting what they deserve.

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  5. Resolution says:

    Dumbledore is gay, sunbrella, and install pavers are my favorite correlates.

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  6. Resolution says:

    The second correlate for ‘Dayn Perry’ is pretty good.


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  7. DerekJeterGiftBasket says:

    This is the most random thing ever on **RUTH BADER GINSBERG!!**

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  8. the marlins one is so so excellent. i’m also quite entertained by the DBacks

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  9. reillocity says:

    I smell a series…

    Joe West: 0.9031 volcan de pacaya, 0.9019 dennis hopper blue velvet, 0.8967 is gary coleman dead, 0.8928 lost unanswered questions, 0.8925 matador gored, 0.8896 throat exercises, 0.8894 google.com pacman

    Peter Gammons: 0.7977 star jones reynolds, 0.7951 fantasia and jamie foxx, 0.7906 2006 bet awards, 0.7811 interstate 88, 0.7781 medical excess, 0.7760 chrysler smart car, 0.7727 rush limbaugh viagra

    Ryan Braun: 0.7826 tyga new mixtape, 0.7704 hottest women of all time, 0.7631 lesbian quotes and sayings, 0.7493 how old is ti, 0.7484 rocket man, 0.7359 harborside medical, 0.7256 is it ok to wear black to a wedding

    Fangraphs: 0.9664 how to lose lower belly fat, 0.9643 ray ban new wayfarer, 0.9624 thigh fat, 0.9620 cargo shorts for men, 0.9616 tops for women, 0.9610 how to get rid of razor bumps, 0.9603 best deodorant for women, 0.9601 boat shoes for women

    So in short, Fangraphs very strongly Google correlates with people who have excess belly and thigh fat and razor bumps and wear womens tops, mens cargo shorts, womens boat shoes, womens deodorant, and Ray Ban wayfarers. Sadly, no Google correlations for Notgraphs.

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  10. CC says:

    Rotoworld is disturbing on correlate:


    Those who frequent the site are child molesters.

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