A More Different Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is a mustachioed former third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies. A different Mike Schmidt is Madison, Wisconsin’s funniest comic and the author of the joke you see embedded expertly above.

In point of fact, I’ve heard Schmidt tell this joke in a slightly different (and, depending on your tastes, perhaps slightly more offensive) way, as follows.

My friend asked me to participate in a fantasy draft with him. He chose Alex Rodriguez and I picked two Korean girls.

Now that I’ve told the joke that way, let me tell it this way…

My friend asked me to participate in a fantasy draft with him. I picked two Korean girls. He chose Alex Rodriguez.

It should be noted both that (a) Schmidt tweets a number of his jokes and (b) those same jokes are frequently hilarious and entirely sans taste. Futhermore, he can often be seen in real life at Madison’s Comedy on State.

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I think the REAL joke here is that he would pick Alex Rodriguez first. No Albert Pujols? Hanley Ramirez? Jose Bautista? As Gob would say: Come on!


Here’s a joke:

A group of well-informed baseball writers held a fantasy player draft, and Carson Cistulli chose Mike Trout with the 3rd overall pick.


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I liked your joke more, but I will express my dismay over the lack of fish puns surrounding one Mike Trout on notgraphs.