A More Different Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is a mustachioed former third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies. A different Mike Schmidt is Madison, Wisconsin’s funniest comic and the author of the joke you see embedded expertly above.

In point of fact, I’ve heard Schmidt tell this joke in a slightly different (and, depending on your tastes, perhaps slightly more offensive) way, as follows.

My friend asked me to participate in a fantasy draft with him. He chose Alex Rodriguez and I picked two Korean girls.

Now that I’ve told the joke that way, let me tell it this way…

My friend asked me to participate in a fantasy draft with him. I picked two Korean girls. He chose Alex Rodriguez.

It should be noted both that (a) Schmidt tweets a number of his jokes and (b) those same jokes are frequently hilarious and entirely sans taste. Futhermore, he can often be seen in real life at Madison’s Comedy on State.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. CSJ says:

    I think the REAL joke here is that he would pick Alex Rodriguez first. No Albert Pujols? Hanley Ramirez? Jose Bautista? As Gob would say: Come on!

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    • Yirmiyahu says:

      Here’s a joke:

      A group of well-informed baseball writers held a fantasy player draft, and Carson Cistulli chose Mike Trout with the 3rd overall pick.


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  2. Carson asked me to participate in a fantasy draft: He picked Charlie Blackmon with the second last pick which meant I got stuck me with his wife.

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  3. Santos says:

    Similar to a joke done in the original British “The Office”. They are all at a mandatory training and the instructor is going around the room asking everyone what their ultimate fantasy would be. The instructor starts it off by saying he would like to own his own island, David Brent (manager) says he would like everlasting life or immortality…Then they get to Gareth (the basis for the Dwight Schrute character in the U.S. version) and he says, straightfaced, ““Two lesbians probably, sisters. I’m just watching.”. Now that I think about it, it’s really not that similar except for the two chicks part and the confusion between the context of fantasy. Now that I’ve thought about it again, it’s back to being similar. I don’t know what the point of this comment is anymore.

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  4. Yalcin says:

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