A Requiem for Matt Harvey’s Elbow

It is a sad day for baseball fans, dear NotGraphs readers. Let us all light our little candles in our little paper cups, crack a forty, and pour one out for our fallen compatriot. I have little words to offer at this point, so this hastily-compiled montage will have to do for now. Hug someone you love tonight.

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David G. Temple is the Managing Editor of TechGraphs and a contributor to FanGraphs, NotGraphs and The Hardball Times. He hosts the award-eligible podcast Stealing Home. Dayn Perry once called him a "Bible Made of Lasers." Follow him on Twitter @davidgtemple.

7 Responses to “A Requiem for Matt Harvey’s Elbow”

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  1. ettin says:

    Is there anything good and right in the world anymore?

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  2. Wally says:

    See you at tha crossroads…crossroads…crossroads…

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  3. Big Bucks Bonilla says:

    “@EnoSarris I’m drinking a Grey Monday from The Bruery and weeping softly”

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  4. atoms says:

    Very touching.

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