A Reuschel and a Movie

In which photos of the base-balling Reuschel brothers, Rick and Paul, are paired with befitting movie titles …

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5 Responses to “A Reuschel and a Movie”

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  1. Cubnut says:

    BLASPHEMY! The names are reversed! That’s Rick on the left!

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  2. reillocity says:

    Dayn, this series screams out loudly for a JPG involving Rick Reuschel and the movie “Big Daddy” (1. Rick’s nickname is “Big Daddy”, 2. Adam Sandler’s character was named Sonny Koufax, 3. the DVD cover features public urination and who among us doesn’t enjoy that, …).

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  3. Resolution says:

    Paul Reuschel, (the one on the right), looks like a fat David Cross.

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  4. Mr. Observant says:

    Dayn, are you certain this card isn’t actually a poster advertising the Hattisburg Regional Lard Eating and Greasy Pig Wrestling Fair of 1978?

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  5. Beth Reuschel says:

    It’s amazing, these guys carry the record for only combined shutout by brothers. It’s not too often that God creates brothers that are natural born athletes like these two, the Cubbie’s were lucky to have them.

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