A-Rod Still Awaiting Ice Bucket Challenge Invitation


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23 Responses to “A-Rod Still Awaiting Ice Bucket Challenge Invitation”

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  1. Tom Brady says:

    Hey Alex, how bout a high five?

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  2. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    Awww, he looks so earnest. Maybe we can have Jose Canseco challenge him.

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  3. Paul G. says:

    Maybe he’ll melt?

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  4. Finn the Human says:

    Isn’t the whole point of the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS? I haven’t seen much money generated, just a bunch of extremely wealthy Americans pouring ice water on their heads.

    Maybe if it were the “Boiling water bucket challenge”, more people would donate $$$ to ALS research?

    Slacktivism at it’s finest!

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    • Paul says:

      Other people aren’t supposed to donate to make others dump the water on their heads. The person being challenged has to dump ice water on his head or donate $100 if he refuses. Also, it has raised over $4 million over the past few weeks.

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      • agam22 says:

        If the person being challenged must he either dump water on themselves or donate $100, should we not be villifying those who are choosing not to donate the money and instead taking the physical challenge?

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        • Paul says:

          The people who dump water on their heads also tend to donate, money so it hasn’t really been an issue. We should continue to vilify A-rod, though, because he’s A-rod.

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      • Darkstone42 says:

        I’ve also seen variations on the challenged issued as follows:

        Either refuse the challenge and donate $100 or accept the challenge and donate an amount of your choosing.

        Accept the challenge to preclude oneself from donating, but donate for every accepted challenge you issue.

        Donate in advance when accepting the challenge and donate for everyone who accepts your challenge.

        Most of my friends are using one of these options. Almost all of them are giving a significant introduction to what ALS is and how to donate to the cause in their videos. One of them (a medical student) went into considerable detail about the disease, its effects, and current measures taken to help those afflicted (there isn’t much, of course).

        It was also started by a person with ALS in an effort to spike donations. It’s worked. Whether or not the participants could be classified as “slacktivists” is immaterial in the face of the huge uptick in donation dollars. It’s done actual, measurable, tangible good. Who are any of us to knock the [largely harmless] methods?

        And furthermore, #KeepNotGraphs!

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    • TK says:

      Accoring to the ALS association donations are up 400% over this time last year.

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    • dang says:

      @Finn “I haven’t seen much money generated”

      Literally first google result for “als donations”


      “The charitable group announced on Sunday that they had received $15.6 million in donations, compared to $1.8 million during the same stretch from late July to mid-August of 2013.”

      So donations are up 866.7% over the same time frame last year.

      You’d think someone who frequents fangraphs would be the kind of person to look up numbers rather than make broad generalizations. :)

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      • george says:

        his statement is still factual. HE hasn’t seen any money donated. Which, i assume, means he is still waiting for someone to write the check with him as witness.

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    • The Foils says:

      I am amazed at how lazy someone has to be to inaccurately complain about slacktivism. It’s so meta!

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  5. I'll Be Here All Day says:

    Meanwhile, a common, household rod has been challenged in Norfolk, VA today. We’ll have updates on the 10 o’clock news.

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  6. Seriously. #KeepNotGraphs says:

    “Excuses me ma’am. Care to drink some of my Gatorade?”

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  7. Craig Robinson says:

    While this topic is being discussed, this is a thoroughly wonderful and heartbreaking series of videos about an incredibly nice young guy with ALS. Entirely worth your time should you be interested. http://www.allacesmedia.com/oftenawesome/2009/12/28/episode-1-diagnosis/

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  8. stuck in a slump says:

    Somebody challenge A-Rod! He needs something cold to soothe that sick burn from David Temple.

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  9. Mike Green says:

    There is another name for “ice bucket” at the Brass Rail, where Alex was once seen departing. It’s called the “cold tool of the trade”. Just used on special occasions though…

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  10. Mr Punch says:

    The challenge doesn’t really make sense, sure, but it works because of social media – participants can show the world that they’ll take heat (well, cold) and give money for a good cause. A-Rod needs all the good publicity he can muster, and the money means nothing to him, so he’s actually the perfect participant. (Plus, it’s a disease for which Yankees are at high risk, statistically.)

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  11. Jack Glasscock's Cup says:

    Everybody knows centaurs lack the necessary range of motion to successfully douse themselves. Friends, of which this specimen is severely lacking, could help out.

    . . . that’s why John Elway hasn’t done it yet either.

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