A Strong Visual Argument for Why to Watch Pelotero

To click the image is equally to embiggen it.

There are a number of strong arguments for watching 2012 feature-length documentary Pelotero which might reasonably be made by way either of spoken or written discourse. Like that it’s a revealing portrait of Dominican baseball, for example. Or that it’s an arresting portrait of baseball in the Dominican Republic, for other example.

Among the arguments one might make visually, however, there are few likely stronger than the one presented above of (what the author believes to be) Miguel Sano‘s younger brother Ernestico both in diapers and on a miniature police motorcycle. Is Ernestico prepared to protect and serve the citizenry of San Pedro de Macoris? “Yes,” one is forced to conclude. Is he entirely comfortable yet with making toilet? “Less so, probably,” is the answer to that second question.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

3 Responses to “A Strong Visual Argument for Why to Watch Pelotero

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  1. Cherryfield, Maine says:

    Hmm.. you have given me much to pontificate about.

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  2. Kris says:

    Chamillionaire once spoke of a similar experience. Apparently, he was seen rollin. People were hating. However, I do not believe they ever did catch him riding dirty. But, as a middle-aged white man, I only understand the choruses of rap songs.

    For your listening pleasure: http://youtu.be/CtwJvgPJ9xw

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  3. Jon says:

    Ballplayer: Pelotero director here. That is the BEST visual argument!

    Ernestico is actually Miguel’s adopted brother, but has lived with them since he was a few months old. You should see the four wheeler he is sporting now!

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