A Very Jonny Venters Sequence of Events

Insofar as it took him 32 pitches to record three outs and he walked two batters in the process, Friday’s appearance will likely not be remembered as the best of Jonny Venters‘ career, nor — as of now, at least — would it really even be considered representative of his work to date.

That said, the very entertaining Venters did provide the home audience with the following sequence, against Kinda Obese Everyman and Philadelphia third baseman Ty Wigginton in the seventh inning of Friday’s Braves-Phillies game (box). What the attentive reader will notice (and what the not-very-observant-at-all reader will probably notice, too) is that (a) not only are the three sinkers which follows thrown to basically the same location at basically the same velocity, but that (b) Ty Wigginton reacts in basically the same way to all of them — which is to say, he offers at them, but mostly with a view to hastening his return to the dugout and thus forestalling any further embarrassment at the hands of this cruel mistress, baseball.

Here are the aforementioned pitches, with Wigginton’s aforementioned swings:

Pitch Two

Pitch Four

Pitch Six

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4 Responses to “A Very Jonny Venters Sequence of Events”

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  1. josh m says:

    a very ty wiggington sequence

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  2. BRAVESFAN says:

    I could watch that all day long!

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  3. BRAVESFAN says:

    The reader might say Ty Wiggington has a lot of want but not much ability.

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  4. adohaj says:

    I had to look at the count in the upper left to make sure you didn’t post the same gif for pitches 4 and 6

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