Actual French News Articles with “Jeter” in the Title

Derek Jeter’s appeal is universal.

While almost entirely devoid of baseball coverage, per se, French (and other francophone) news media appear to have discovered one means of driving traffic already popular in the United States — namely, by invoking the name of popular Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

One finds, by way of illustration, that the shortstop’s surname appears in numerous French-language headlines whose attendant articles/posts concern neither baseball, nor the Yankees, nor the longtime shortstop himself.

Below are five recent examples of instances in which French news media have exploited Derek Jeter’s popularity to attract readers to otherwise entirely unrelated pieces.

Title: BlackBerry Prêt à Jeter l’Éponge (link).
Source: Le Vif.
Subject: A popular smartphone manufacturer.
Mentions of Derek Jeter: None.

Title: Illégal de Jeter des Gros Objets dans les Centres de Recyclage (link).
Source: Radio-Canada.
Subject: Recycling, perhaps.
Mentions of Derek Jeter: None.

Title: Les JT Sont à Jeter et Tomates Bonnes à Manger (link).
Source: AgoraVox.
Subject: Tomatoes, mostly.
Mentions of Derek Jeter: None.

Title: Rogue Legacy: Rejeton à Jeter (link).
Source: Gameblog.
Subject: Some manner of RPG video game.
Mentions of Derek Jeter: None.

Title: Se Jeter à l’Eau (link).
Source: Mediapart.
Subject: Kayaking or canoeing on the Loire River, it would appear.
Mentions of Derek Jeter: None.

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The title is that Blackberry is ready to throw in the towel. A very interesting article. Except not.