Adam Dunn’s Offseason Anguish

Adam Dunn was at SoxFest over the weekend, talking about his disaster of a 2011 season:

“I thought I’d be able to go back home [in the offseason] and blow it off and forget about it.”

Source: ESPN

Now, he admits he couldn’t quite forget about it, and he’s been hitting in an indoor cage, and ESPN reports “he may have dropped a few pounds, but nothing too significant.”

Is this a little less anguish than someone who hit .159 should be experiencing? He went 6-for-94 against lefties. That’s only 6 more hits than I could have in 94 at-bats against lefties. If I was Adam Dunn, maybe I would have spent my offseason trying to figure out how my year went so terribly wrong– do some research, watch some video, see some doctors, talk to a therapist, I don’t know. And maybe he did all of that, but, “I thought I’d be able to go back home and blow it off and forget about it” ??? That struck me as a slightly bizarre comment. Crap, I just had a season that may well indicate the end of my time as a productive baseball player, with really no indication in the statistical line that this was a fluke. But, eh, I thought I’d just try and forget about it.

Inside Adam Dunn’s head sounds like a very peaceful place to be.

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6 Responses to “Adam Dunn’s Offseason Anguish”

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  1. TheGrandSlamwich says:

    He ask Jobu to come. Take fear from bats. He offer him cigar, rum. He will come.

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  2. Steve says:

    Maybe he did see a Therapist and do other work, we do not really know. People don’t exactly like to admit to doing these things very often.

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  3. Choo says:

    Sounds about right. If you play baseball the Adam Dunn way, “F*ck it. Let’s hunt.” is probably your motto.

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