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Air Gordon Oration: On Courage

Among the Great Orators of The West we count Isocrates, Cato, Cicero, Pericles. Could it be time to add another to the pantheon?

Goosebumps. Are you inspired?

The support, nay, the courage shown in the face of defeat by the fans who voted for Alex Gordon the All-Star Game might have been forgotten were it not for this memorable oration. The Age of Video enhances the impact of the powerful discourse far beyond what writing could ever hope to do — the oh-so-subtle inflection, the intensity of the eyes, not to mention the (no doubt carefully planned) dual presence of the visages of Ned Yost and Gil Meche peering over this shoulders.

Hopefully, unlike its precursor in Alexandria, the MLB.com video archives will survive whatever civilizational upheavals face us in the centuries to come. In the meantime, we will do what we can to preserve this monument to courage, something we will all need in face of the coming storm — the All-Star Game coming to Kansas City in 2012.