AL East: Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Other

Over the weekend, The Worldwide Leader In Sports put it up to a vote:

Which team will win the AL East?

Five teams in the division, therefore five voting options. Or so you’d think. Instead, and please click to embiggen:

Yep, only four options:

Red Sox

Other? Other.

According to ESPN, the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays barely exist. They certainly don’t matter. Now, I know the Orioles are half a team in a good year, but, as a supporter of the Blue Jays, I took this one personally. Where’s the love?

Actually, I wasn’t looking for love from ESPN. I was looking for acknowledgement. Some respect. The Blue Jays won 85 games last year; four fewer than the Red Sox. And if I can be brutally honest: No fan wants his or her team lumped in a group of two with the Orioles.

My emails and phone calls in protest to the highest levels of ESPN got the job done. The laziest of polls, I can no longer find it over at’s SportsNation. I like to think it’s been erased from the Internet forever, and that the person in charge of creating it is, as I requested, out of a job. Other? We won’t stand for Other in Canada.

One more thing (embiggen!):

As of early Saturday morning, other than New York State and Wyoming, and tiny Connecticut*, the American people had spoken: Red Sox.

New York State I understand. Wyoming, not so much. What’s the deal, Wyomingites?


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17 Responses to “AL East: Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Other”

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  1. jaywrong says:

    Well, it was only 8 people in Wyoming. Maybe it’s the new Florida?

    And as a person who lives on the beltway Virginia side, but born in Baltimore, I have to say, I would like to protest you not wanting to be lumped in with the O’s. Even though the city is ugly, broken, and a place that I never want to go… wait, I see your point.

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  2. NicKid says:

    So, you’re lumping in Rhode Island with New York State? Sweet irony. I’m not sure they’ll stand for that, either.

    Fangraphs, please remove Navin from his job.

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  3. Chris says:

    Where’s the Connecticut love/respect?! Won’t they be pissed to be lumped in a group of three with Wyoming and New York?! lol

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  4. Navin V. says:

    @ jaywrong: I’m glad we’re on the same page.

    As for Connecticut, it was a test. You all have passed.

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  5. Leo Martin says:

    Wyoming is one thing and one thing only: an insufficient sample size. I’m not sure it’s even technically a state.

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  6. Matt Defalco says:

    A poll previously created to last year’s all-star game… probably certainly from ESPN or some other network….

    “From which division will the player come who will contribute the most to his team’s victory in the all-star game:

    AL East
    AL Central
    AL West

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  7. Mac says:

    After five minutes of internet research, I’ve no idea why Wyoming shows o much Yankee love. But I did find that this wasn’t a one-time occurrence:

    They also voted for the Yankees in 2009.

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  8. ccb says:

    Actually, Wyoming is IN New York.


    That would explain it, IMO.

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  9. Blu says:

    Wyoming, like New York, had ADHD and just picked the first option in the poll. Why were the Yankee’s listed first? Alphabetical by team name, alphabetical by state, there is no reason for them to be first. Despite pollster bias, the Red Sox nation prevails!

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    • phoenix2042 says:

      i think it’s more: “despite the fact that the red sox have a massively better team, a state besides NY (in new england no less!) voted for the yankees.”

      this is coming as a HARDCORE yankees fan. it’s just true: the red sox have a much better team… on paper. only playing out the season will tell for sure! :P

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