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All Four of Yu Darvish’s Slow Curves from Wednesday

If Dave Cameron has unearthed today what he believes to be the Mona Lisa of GIFs, what follows is perhaps more like Max Beckmann’s triptych Departure — if Max Beckmann’s triptych Departure were divided into four, and not three, parts, that is, and also if it were less a “complex Modernist concerto of horror and hope” and more a “collection of Yu Darvish‘s four slow curveballs from Wednesday night.”

Here’s Darvish’s first slow curve, to Josh Hamilton in the fourth inning:

Darvish CU 1 Hamilton

To Chris Iannetta for a two-strike ball in the fifth inning:

Darvish CU 2 Iannetta

To Luis Jimenez for a strikeout swinging to end the fifth:

Darvish CU 3 Jimenez

And to Mike Trout, for a strikeout looking in the sixth:

Darvish CU 4 Trout

Credit to Brooks Baseball for helpful PITCHf/x help.



Darvish CU 4 Trout Slow