All of Spring Training’s Center-Field Camera Shots Thus Far

Because he uses his time wisely and has all of his priorities entirely straight, the author has dedicated a not insubstantial portion of his life to acquainting himself (and the expensively educated NotGraphs readership) with the center-field camera shots of all 30 major-league teams.

Because he continues to use his time wisely, the author has dedicated a less substantial — but not inconsequential — portion of this very afternoon to acquainting himself (and now the expensively educated NotGraphs readership) with the camera angles currently being employed during spring-training broadcasts on MLB.TV.

The reader will note that there are only 10 images below. In fact, this appears to represent nearly all of the parks that will be broadcasting games for the moment. Other clubs scheduled to debut broadcasts in the near future are as follows: the Toronto Blue Jays (March 2nd), the Atlanta Braves (March 3rd), and the San Diego Padres (March 3rd).

As one might expect, the spring camera shots are less excellent than those utilized at the major-league level — with literally none of them employing the straight-on center-field angle that has become more popular at the game’s highest level, and allows spectators the best possible views of pitch movement. This isn’t a complaint, but rather an observation.

Among the best below are the Phillies’ center-field angle and — for the tightness of the shot, if not the angle itself — the Nationals’ camera.

Baltimore Orioles

Spring Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Spring Red Sox

Detroit Tigers

Spring Tigers

Houston Astros

Spring Astros

Los Angeles Angels

Spring Angels

Los Angeles Dodgers

Spring Dodgers

New York Mets

Spring Mets

New York Yankees

Spring Yankees

Philadelphia Phillies

Spring Phillies

Washington Nationals

Spring Nationals

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8 Responses to “All of Spring Training’s Center-Field Camera Shots Thus Far”

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  1. adam says:

    Astros angle is as bad as the Astros.

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  2. DD says:

    Dodgers would be pretty good if it were tighter.

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  3. reillocity says:

    Matusz not a good idea, Orioles.

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  4. m as in mancy says:

    phillies/yankees would appear to be the best. the astros, on the other hand…

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  5. Sam says:

    The Red Sox camera angle would be more pleasing if John Lackey were not present.

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  6. RA Rowe says:

    The Blue Jays had their first home broadcast today and that centerfield cam was a nightmare. It very was low and shifted about as extreme third base side as you’ll encounter. Add a windy day in Dunedin to the equation and you essentially get the effect of the camera being mounted on a busy bounce house in shallow left center.

    Disclaimer: There is a chance a moderate hangover played a serious role in compounding this problem for me.

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