All-Star Anagrams


Freddie Freeman = REAFFIRM NEEDED
(Honorable mention: DEFER DREAM? FINE)


Craig Kimbrel = CRABLIKE GRIM
(Honorable mention: KARMIC GERBIL)


Bartolo Colon = BARON LOCO-LOT
(Honorable mention: NO LOCAL ROBOT)


Yu Darvish = RUSHY DIVA
(Honorable mention: VISA DRY? UH…)


Hisashi Iwakuma = AIM, SWISH: A HAIKU

Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina = A MIDYEAR LION
(Honorable mention: OILY MARINADE)


Clayton Kershaw = LANKY ACE THROWS
(Honorable mention: THE WONKY RASCAL)


Adam Wainwright = MIGHT WIN A AWARD
(Honorable mention: A WITHDRAWN MAGI)


Miguel Cabrera = ARGUABLE CRIME
(Honorable mention: RULE, MAGIC BEAR)

Also I hereby offer $1000 to whoever can anagram “Joe Mauer.”

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  1. Scott says:

    If you use Joseph Mauer — “A Heroes Jump”

    Or Joseph Patrick (first and middle name) “Hijack Stopper”

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  2. Sean says:

    Joe Mauer

    More Jam, U

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  3. Joseph Patrick Mauer

    Um…Jerkiest Approach
    Pure Joke Pharmacist
    Jump, Choker Parasite!
    Jock Permutes Pariah
    Amateurish Prep Jock
    Epitaph: Major Sucker

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  4. dlk1100 says:

    Joe Mauer

    EU o’er jam


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  5. Simon says:

    Joe Mauer: OJ. Erm, eau.

    As in an American tourist’s drink order in France:

    Tourist: OJ. Erm — (realizes that “OJ” doesn’t mean anything to a Frenchman; decides to order the only drink he knows the French word for) eau.
    Waiter: Well, what’ll it be, OJ or water?
    Tourist: You speak English?
    Waiter: Duh, that’s why I work in a restaurant for tourists.

    I tried, OK?

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  6. ReuschelCakes says:

    Oe Mauer-J

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  7. Hello says:

    au, Jerome…

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  8. Summerfield says:

    O! Aum – Jeer.

    (Aum is a variation of Om.)

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  9. Sociology Degreer says:

    THE WONKY RASCAL is the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

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  10. Guy says:

    Joe Mauer

    O jee, ma rum!

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  11. Bluebird in Boulder says:

    I don’t know if I am ruining future posts (although this didn’t state or imply this is part one), however;

    Joey Votto: To Veto Joy.

    It is certainly true of himself, if one watches his disappointed face after any hitting accomplishment, that is to say he vetoes his own joy. It certainly does not, however, apply to the typical (and especially Canadian) observer of his hitting feats.

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  12. Triple R says:

    Aim for the fence, Swish.
    Doesn’t matter if you K.
    Yankees fans hate you.

    This has been “Aim, Swish: A Haiku”.

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  13. Triple R says:

    Said his VCR
    On yo Chad, ma’am
    Made Jason
    AJ harms dye*

    This has been Orioles All-Star Anagrams.
    *Couldn’t think of anything for JJ, so I went with James.

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  14. hooper4 says:

    Joe Mauer >>> U jeer Mao?

    (if Twitter was around many years ago?)

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  15. James K. says:

    You can’t spell Morneau without Mauer.

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  16. Sam says:

    Joe Mauer = eau mejor

    (combining French and Spanish translations, it means the “best water”)

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  17. KB says:

    Joe Mauer =

    “Um, Joe Era?”

    “Emu Ear Jo”

    “Joe: A Re-Um”

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  18. Valen Dreth says:

    Steve Delabar = Bad Resale Vet

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    • Rodya says:

      Perhaps, sir, I could interest you in staying at our public house tonight? It’s hardly the same as the port houses that many a gentlemen like you seem to possess, but it does good for the heart. It may smell like week-old blow, but it only costs a couple kopecks. Surely a former officer like you must pity the landlady of our public house. Surely you must be willing to nourish the soul; for the body is nothing without the soul, sir.

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  19. Cool Papa Bell says:


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    • Cool Papa Bell says:

      A = A

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      • Cool Papa Bell says:

        Some more Joe Mauer anagrams:
        Jeo Mauer
        oeJ Mauer
        oJe Mauer
        eoJ Mauer
        eJo Mauer
        Joe Maure
        Joe Maeru
        Joe Maeur
        Joe Muear
        Joe Muera
        Joe Murae
        Joe Murea
        Joe Muare
        Joe Muaer

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  20. Izzy says:

    Jeremy’s Iron

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  21. nod says:

    Joe Mauer = Me OJ. U are?

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