Amazon Reviews of Baseball Bats

I found these amusing. Maybe you will too.

Bat Rev 1

Bat Rev 2

Bat Rev 3

Bat Rev 4

Bat Rev 5

Bat Rev 6

It was more difficult to find funny reviews of baseballs. I don’t know why.

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10 Responses to “Amazon Reviews of Baseball Bats”

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  1. Pirates Hurdles says:

    Apparently its difficult to find funny reviews of bats too, hey-o!

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  2. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    I dunno. I thought they were pretty graet, especially considering there’s no actual baseball right now. This post was very well made.

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    • cass says:

      I didn’t read it or anything, but it seemed like a well made post. Very quick delivery – all I had to do was click once from the FanGraphs home page. I’m pretty satisfied. If I ever need some baseball humor, I know where this post is. Maybe that time won’t come. but I feel better having this post around. A+

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  3. A eskpert says:

    No Sam bat? Really? Are you nationalist pigs going to absolve the finest batmakers of their position at the top of the bat heap?

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  4. nolan says:

    Well done. It would’ve been nice to see a picture of the bat. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it probably breaks the first time it hits an intruder. It is indeed amazing that we can order a 32″ bat and receive a 32″ bat in the mail. Right?

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  5. CubsOfTheNorth says:

    What would someone in Switzerland be doing with a baseball bat?

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