An Annotated Google Trends Chart for FanGraphs

FG Trend

For reference.

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Carson Cistulli has recently started a new project called Paris Matches.

15 Responses to “An Annotated Google Trends Chart for FanGraphs”

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  1. Jonka Ronka says:

    looks like jeff sullivan trigged a huge decline in interest

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  2. Zach Sanders says:

    I see a nice little peak there in late 2009, also known as when this handsome commenter was hired.

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  3. I triggered a huge increase in interest from your mother

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  4. Anon21 says:

    Man, something seems to be sending your readers scattering in droves every winter.

    Hypothesis: with the cold weather outside, readers don’t wish to compound the chill with the cold analysis of Robot Statisticians.

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  5. Benzedrine says:

    An interesting but tedious analysis would be to overlay this with the number of times Fangraphs was mentioned in a baseball broadcast. This might involve data mining through every baseball broadcast transcript.

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  6. DD says:

    Overlay a chart of cummulative Dave Cameron Blinks and then you’ve grabbed my attention sir.

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  7. Will the Circle Change be Unbroken says:

    So if 100 represents the peak, it basically doesn’t get any better than this for FG. Amirite?

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  8. kdm628496 says:

    i do quite enjoy the winter meeting spikes.

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