An Email To Clayton Kershaw’s Doctor

My 62-year-old Dodger fan friend, who is a 12-year veteran of a 32-year-old fantasy league team, sent the following email to Clayton Kershaw‘s doctor. He then forwarded it to me with the note “The recommendation he made was exactly what I asked for. Coincidence?” In real life, people, in real life.

To wit:

Although I live in Atlanta, I am a longtime Dodgers fan and an admirer of Clayton Kershaw, not just for his pitching, but for his work with his wife in Africa. I have been involved with a small non-profit, which has done work in Africa and have been proud of Clayton’s efforts there.

I am also in a very competitive rotisserie baseball league. My nearest competitor has Kershaw. As a Dodger fan, I, of course, want Clayton back as soon as possible. As a fantasy baseball team owner, I have conflicted feelings. I refer to this phenomenon as rotizaphrenia. If Clayton has to be “shutdown,” his owner gets to replace him, not an easy proposition.

So I recommend a course of rest, coupled with waiting to see if he can return. (He then cannot be replaced.) Seriously, for all Dodger fans and do-gooders the world over, I hope Clayton can have a speedy and successful recovery. If surgery is required, the sooner the better. I’ll draft him next year, even if he doesn’t return until May.

Do well Dr. Kelly. You have the hopes of Dodger nation counting on you.

nick l., atl.

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  1. Boof says:

    This is awesome.


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