Animated Chien-Ming Wang Is in Too Deep

As we know, Chien-Ming Wang, who in better times would be regarded as merely a Dude Trying To Get By, was forced, by the fell and rank schoolmarm forces among us, to apologize for enjoying some harmless, well-intended hubba-hubba with a woman not his wife. As every Premarital Memorandum of Understanding states, sometimes a gentleman must marinade himself in strange ass in order to take his mind off the high-level business transactions that consume him during daylight hours. Thus it was; ergo, thus it should be.

But we’ll leave the decline of Western mores for another day. Instead, I would call the besexed reader’s attention to what follows, which is animated, real-live footage of the dark forces working against Wang and his efforts to share himself with the ladies of America and America-World:


(HT: Eye on Baseball, a place you should visit without ceasing)

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8 Responses to “Animated Chien-Ming Wang Is in Too Deep”

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  1. rambodiaz says:

    I like how they went shopping for dairy together.

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  2. Choo says:

    Honestly, the relationship seemed pretty harmless until that game of Yahtzee broke out.

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  3. John Mozeliak says:

    Honestly, anyone who thinks JFK was a Commy should fight me RIGHT NOW

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  4. His most recent injury would make a great gif.

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  5. martyn says:

    These animated news things are hilarious. There was a good one a couple of years back of our former Prime Minister Gordon Brown allegedly getting violent with his aides.:

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  6. deadhead says:

    I like how Mr. Wang dresses at the beach… the awful, awful beach. I knew nothing good was coming once I saw he went to the beach with her. And after I read the title.

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  7. Resolution says:

    The number of affairs that have started ‘not by kite-flying’ remains at zero.

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