Annals of Bromance: Chipper Jones, Rescue Hero

Imagine, if you will, getting stuck for five hours on a jammed, snowbound freeway. Imagine your frustration slowly curdling into panic. Now imagine glancing in your rearview and seeing a lone four-wheeler materialize from the whiteness. Then imagine nestling your face into the broad, camouflaged shoulder of Larry Wayne Jones, as the frigid wind whips past and faces gape from stranded cars. If you can capture that feeling, reader, then you have known an inner peace of which most men can only dream.


Image credit: redditor DerpSoHard

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  1. Pound Town says:

    Does Chipper Jones own outdoor gear that is not camoflauged?

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  2. Every Time Is Lima Time says:

    Judging by the photo evidence, I’d venture that Chipper dressed up for this.

    Note that Chipper has tastefully coordinated his outfit (I know, ‘outfit’ sounds girly, but he DID coordinate) to match his camo ATV. What could be more swoon-worthy?

    Think he found time to get his nails buffed b4 he set out?

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  3. Clock says:

    his facial semblance of mark wahlberg is remarkable

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    • Matt Damon Superfan says:

      In my opinion Chipper looks a bit more Damon-esque. There has to be some relation between Homer Bailey and Chipper that could culminate in a Damon-Bale movie.

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  4. reillocity says:

    So I’m imagining Jones veering around stranded women giving birth in snowbanks in a mad dash to save young Freeman from the lasting psychological trauma that he would surely incur after experiencing the inconveniences of a commoner.

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  5. Pirates Hurdles says:

    and here I thought this was going to be about the “Anals of Bromance”

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