Another Offensive Indians Logo

Today I encountered yet another visual affront to my native American heritage. Behold the official Cleveland Indians Twitter page:

Indians Twitter

Yes. That’s right. THIS is their profile photo:

Indians logo

Hey, Indians, when you’re done relieving yourself all over my genetic history, why don’t you command your platoon of interns to find maybe a slightly higher quality photo for your Twitter account? Maybe then you could have more followers than, I dunno, the media-powerhouse Minnesota Twins (not a media powerhouse).

“But Bradley, you are only 1/64 Native American. Why do you care about the Indians insulting Indians?”

Okay, okay, which of your ancestors could you do without? Huh!? Maybe we should start snipping unimportant relatives from your family tree. OH, THAT’S RIGHT, THEN YOU’D NEVER BE BORN, HUH?! Just because I’ve got a gallon of hot German blood firing through my arteries and capillaries doesn’t mean the four ounces of Native American blood is pressed up against the wall, being asked for papers.

Fix the logo, Indians.

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Bradley writes for FanGraphs and The Hardball Times. Follow him on Twitter @BradleyWoodrum.

37 Responses to “Another Offensive Indians Logo”

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  1. jcxy says:

    “your platoon of interns”


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  2. Joe C says:

    Get over yourself! I’m Irish and I’m not offended by the Leprechaun or the “Fighting Irish”.

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    • John says:

      Funny, I’m Irish (born in Ireland, incidentally) and I AM offended by those things.

      It’s a moot point though. The poster is not being entirely serious.

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    • cass says:

      Notre Dame’s history is a lot different than Cleveland, you racist asshole. Go back to Bleacher Report.

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      • Cass is an idiot says:

        What does that mean? Cleveland signed the first black manager and the first black player in the American League. The Indians moved their Spring Training to Arizona and founded the Cactus League because of Florida’s racist Jim Crow Laws. Louis Sockalexis was the first Native American pro baseball player, and guess what city he played in? That’s right, Cleveland.

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    • Ebenezer says:

      Way to put Woodrum in his place! I hope you were also ticked off that Jonathan Swift advised poor Irish parents to sell their children to be eaten.

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  3. Charles Tripp says:

    I have Native American blood. So what? Geeeez, seriously? Everybody stop whining about how offended you are and go help some people that are truly suffering. Might help you take your mind off your own shallow self for a minute.

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  4. Jaack says:

    Of really interest is Boston’s inability to use twitter. Despite having twice as many Facebook people than Philadelphia, they have significantly less Twitter people than them.

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  5. vikedawg says:

    Instead of “platoon”, shouldn’t it be war party? Alternatively, “get those interns on the warpath to a better image” would work better, no?

    I expect better from NotGraphs.

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  6. canuckassassin says:

    Cleveland players should protest this racist insult by moving to Birmingham Alabama. They can be the Birmingham Lynch Mob.

    And I can make that joke because I have at least 5 Jimi Hendrix songs on my iPod.

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  7. csteva says:

    I’m Irish. My girlfriend of two years is full blooded Navajo. Neither one of us get what the problem is. Is it too blurry???

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  8. AC of DC says:

    Forget political affiliation, geography, education, wealth. The two types of comments attending this post show us how our– nay, how every society is truly divided.

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  9. MacB says:

    “I’ve got a gallon of hot German blood firing through my arteries and capillaries…”

    Know what I got running through my veins? 100% Anglo-Saxon, baby.

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  10. Oskar says:

    Whats the issue? I don’t see it…

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  11. Dayn Perry says:

    All these comments are racist, this one included.

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